Advice on martial arts

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Karate – meaning “empty”, perhaps the most popular martial art in Japan and the West. Karate involves several sub styles Ashihara Karate, Kempo, Kyokushin, Shorin-ryu, Shotokai, Shotokan and Wado Ryu. Fighting techniques including punching, kicking, blocking, making levers etc.

Kendo – Japanese sport of fencing, where the swords are made of bamboo, the armor is made from a combination of bamboo and cotton;

Krav Maga – not a martial art, but it is more for self-defense skills (it does not rely on the physical condition). A military technique melee developed in Israel. Today it is used by special forces of many countries around the world;

Kung Fu – or more precisely “wushu”, refers to hundreds of different Chinese martial arts (and some estimated at more than 400), the most important Shaolin, Shuai Chiao, Wing Chun, Zui Quan, Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, Yiquan, Lau Gar, Hung Gar and many others. The Chinese word “Kung Fu” is used often to describe skills in a discipline and does not have to refer only to the martial art;

Ninjutsu – Japanese martial art originally practiced by Ninjas. This skill combines traditional ways of fighting that include reconnaissance approach, coping and survival as well as different fighting styles;

Shaolin Kung Fu – martial art that combines unarmed combat, the use of bladed weapons but also mimics the movement of animals in combat, such as movement of tigers and snakes;

Systema – Russian martial art origin, which includes pre-defined movements and kate. This skill gives emphasis on breathing, relaxation, posture and movement, using all human capabilities;

Tai Chi Chuan
– involves a combination of various martial arts practiced by people today for the maintenance of public health;

Taekwondo – modern Korean martial art, which in translation literally means “the way of the hands and feet.” Besides Judo it is one of the Asian martial arts that reached up to the Olympic Games;

Wing Chun – Chinese martial art recognizable by Bruce Lee, specializes in close combat and self-defense.


Before you start practicing with any martial art it is very important that you know your current physical condition, abilities, limitations and weaknesses. It is advisable to talk to your instructor about the exercises, movements and manner of training to make sure they are appropriate for you without any restrictions. Most clubs offer a free first time session, so this is a good option for you to try and be sure about the quality of the training.

As it was mentioned earlier, your instructor can create for you a whole program that contains interesting and motivational steps. As in any other sport or physical activity the progress and development in this area depends only from you. Keep in mind that you when you start with the training you should really love and enjoy the spirit and the body when training. The martial arts are something that is available to anyone, regardless of gender or age. So it is up to you to find the martial art that suits your needs. If you are willing to do this, go ahead and start today. You will feel the difference immediately.