All about Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

All of us have a yearning to reach out to the Almighty, particularly when we are in trouble. However we do not always count our blessings and be thankful to Jesus for giving us such a wonderful life. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the President of the Christ Embassy. He has changed the lives of millions of people who were at a loss in their meaningless existences. The Pastor has provided a true focus to the lives of these people and changed their lives forever. His ever broadening network spans the five major continents and his teachings are even available in audio and video formats. The Pastor is a great writer and has compiled the book “Rhapsodies of Reality.” It is the best seller in the devotional books in the world and innumerable copies have been distributed worldwide.

The television ministry of Pastor Christ has reached out to many people by teaching them the true meaning of salvation with a lovely message and life changing experiences have been reported.  The power of the compassionate Jesus Christ is brought to life by the powerful Pastor and millions of people have learnt so many Christian values and imbibed the true meaning of positivity.

Embassy   Updates

There have been examples of people who have had extremely negative experiences before their meeting with Chris Oyakhilome.  Many people who were keeping extremely frail health and had physical disabilities completely cured themselves after meeting the man of God. This is not to say that it is a magical happening. But true faith and complete dedication in Christ can creates miracles and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome holds extreme concern and compassion for his fellow men. People come to him with many queries as he heads the Christ Embassy.

It is miles more than just being a church. People who pray and worship there with their heart and soul would truly feel the divine presence and the power of God. The Spirit of God watches over your life and the hugely positive life transforming changes in your life are noted daily by the others who also need solace from the Divine Power, amidst their hardships. It is also a part of the Believers’ Loveworld Ministries. If a person is truly helpless and needs spiritual guidance, he will be welcomed with open arms at the Christ Embassy. Your heart speaks louder than your actions and if you truly love Jesus, it will be just a matter of time before your life changes for the better.


Many people suffer hardships, health problems, relationship troubles, professional hazards and such like. There is no life without hardships. At times one becomes so bogged down in the vicious cycle of evil happenings that they tend to lose faith and give up. That is the time to have a talk with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and polish your faith. There is no word as give up and no reason to lose your dedication, even in the most trying circumstances. Remember that God always helps those who helps themselves as goes the saying ‘ Pray to God, sailor but row for the shore.’