An eco-friendly approach in making safety signs

Enough damage has been made to the environment and it is now time to do some good work to restore some respectability to the ecological balance.  This is the thinking of people around the world today as more emphasis is being given to protect the environment and its natural resources. The approach is to adopt eco-friendly measures in all walks of life that begins with changing lifestyles and stretches much beyond it.  From implementation of recyclable concepts in manufacturing to various measures in conservation of energy that leads to conservation of natural resources, every manufacturing is being now being underlined with eco-friendly initiatives. How far the awareness has spread will be evident from the website websitedescribes how the awareness about energy conservation has been effectively captured in manufacturing safety signages.

The advent of photoluminescent signs

It may seem quite unusual that it is possible to link energy saving concepts with safety signages but it is a reality now. There are photoluminescent signages, exit signs, egress markings and safety signs that are being manufactured in conformity to various international standards of engineering and safety. Manufacturers are following the European, American and German standards besides ISO and the standards of Photoluminescent Safety Products Association so that their products are accepted across the world. This has been highlighted in the website

Applying energy saving concepts in safety signs

Photoluminescent signs have been developed with focus on saving energy as the materials used for its manufacturing and its design does not require any energy source for its illumination.  As per safety standards of OSHA, all safety signs and exit signs have to remain illuminated till the time people are around the place where it is used. This is done to ensure easy visibility of the signs which is mandatory by law. Traditionally, the signs had to use external or internal light sources for illumination and this has been completely done away with photoluminescent signs and signages.

Auto glowing signs

Photoluminescent signs emit its own light that makes it glow. It is manufactured from different grades of photoluminescent materials that have the property of absorbing natural light and storing it that helps it to glow. Different standards and applications require different luminance values that the manufacturers can develop. The materials used are completely non-toxic and do not emit any radioactive elements.  The signs are brightly illuminated and always maintain consistently the same intensity of brightness no matter even if the surrounding has low light, the conditions are smoky or there is complete blackout.

Completely safe

In addition to the energy saving properties, photoluminescent signs are made from materials that are completely safe for humans and the environment.  The signs do not require any maintenance nor does it need any special disposal method. This makes it more attractive for users.

Photoluminescent signs are available as thermoset film or thermoplastic depending on the choice of the user. If the information shared with you till now seems interesting, log on to to gather more insight about photoluminescent signs and signages.