Augment your levels of testosterone with Depo Testosterone

Depo testosterone is one of the synthetically produced anabolic androgenic steroids having medicinal uses. It is primarily used in replacement therapy of testosterone where it is induced if sufficient testosterone is not produced by your body. This steroid imitates the effects of naturally produced testosterone and this hormone is important for the development of sexual characteristics in males. Production of testosterone is the highest during adolescence and it gradually declines with age. It is often called testosterone Cypionate. Cypionate is an ester attached to a drug that influences the half-life and absorption rate. It is an oil-based solution and the main purpose of a testosterone ester is to increase solubility.

This steroid is effective in bodybuilding due to its slow release and its peak occurs within three to four days following the injection. The injectable has a half-life of 8 to 10 days while in some it lasts for almost three weeks. Using a dosage of 100mg is common in bodybuilding but everyone does not experience similar results regarding benefits and side effects. Female users must be aware of the side effects such as virilization and masculine features. In medical journals as well as bodybuilding websites, Depo-testosterone 200 mg reviews can be found. You can also get information from medical websites that can be considered as reviews.


Before using this drug, inform your doctor or the pharmacist of any allergy to this medication. The product contains active substances like sesame oil that may cause allergic reactions or related problems. Talk to your doctor and tell him about your medical history, if any, like breast or prostate cancer, blood clots in lungs and legs, heart disease, stroke, kidney problem, liver problem, high blood pressure, high cholesterol. For diabetic patients, this drug may result in lowering blood sugar levels in their body. Check and monitor the blood sugar levels regularly and share the reading results with the doctor.

Inform your doctor about symptoms of low blood sugar level like sudden sweating, hunger, blurred vision, fast heartbeat or shaking. The doctor may advise exercise or adjust the dosage of diabetic medication. The drug may affect cholesterol and increase the risk of heart diseases. Before undergoing any surgery, tell your doctor about all the drugs you are using including the herbal products and the non-prescription drugs. Be cautious while using this drug in children as bone growth may get affected resulting in short height. However, the child’s height and bone development will be monitored by the doctor during the treatment.

Using this drug

This drug is injected intoyour buttock, muscle or as directed by the doctor in every 1 to 4 weeks. Never inject it into a vein and the dosage is recommended based on your medical condition, response to treatment and testosterone levels. If self-using at home, learn the usage instructions from your doctor. Use it regularly to get the maximum benefit. Do not increase the dosage or use more often than prescribed. It is advisable to go through the users’ overview and recommendations such as Depo-testosterone 200 mg reviews available in various medical journals and bodybuilding websites. Withdrawal symptoms occur if this drug is stopped abruptly, so you need to stop them gradually over a period of time.