Brain tumor and its complications

Like humans, the cells in your body also have a fixed lifetime. But in some cases when the DNA inside the cell is damaged, the cell cycle does not occur the way it should. New cells are created even when the body doesn’t require them and the old cells does not die off when they must, this leads to an accumulation of cells. This extra tissue mass of damaged cells is called tumor.

When this extra tissue mass is formed in the brain cells due to a damage in the DNA of the brain cells (or neurons) and the structures near the head and neck, such a condition is called brain tumor. The common symptoms that is associated with brain tumors are balance problems, hearing issues, vision complications, nausea, facial paralysis, seizures, changes in the mental aptitude, numbness, bad headaches. Primary brain tumors can be classified as benign or malignant brain tumors. Benign tumor are the tumors which do not undergo metastasis and also have a limited boundary, they do not grow too much and are often easily removed without complications. But those malignant tumors are the cancerous tumors which undergo metastasis and spread to the nearby parts. They also grow indefinite. Sometimes the benign tumors may also convert to malignant tumour, so it is advisable to remove the minimum tumors as soon as they are detected. But in some cases tumors that are giving pressure on the areas that are very much vital to the brain, such rumours are removed immediately. Malignant tumors are a threat to life and are removed by surgery.

Brain tumor surgery in India is done in most of the hospitals with a complete staff, which must include neurologist, oncologist and also anaesthologist. There are many therapies for brain tumor. Therapies such as surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy (in cases of cancer the cells) to kill or remove them from the body is done. Follow-up treatments is done like the scans such as MRI and CT scans to check the growth rate and the removal of the tumor or if the surgery was a success.

The most common types of tumors that are found in adults are meningioma, astrocytoma, oligodendroglioma. Even in children some brain tumors are found like Medulloblastoma. This is a kind of tumor that is produced in cerebellum and is also called primitive neuroectodermal tumor. The tumor which is situated in the lowest part of the child’s brain is called brain stem glioma.

There are types of brain tumors based on the ways the cells are looking under the microscope. The grade one kind of tumor is benign and the cells look like normal other normal cells. In the grade two the tissue is cancerous and the cells look less normal than the Grade 1 cases. In the great 3 cases the malignant cells are looking very much different and are actively growing. The grade 4 is a very much serious and the cells are going very quickly and look the most abnormal.