California residents can receive marijuana at home maintaining all confidentiality

Sale of marijuana is legal in California due to the medicinal value of the weed. Sale of cannabis as marijuana is also called is viewed as a medical service that helps patients to receive the daily dose of herbal medicine. Buying the product from a physical store is not always convenient due to the procedure involved in making the medicine available to legal users. You need to establish that you are a medical patient in need of marijuana to qualify as a buyer. This means that your case has to be recommended by a physician or doctor who has to be convinced about the necessity of the weed to aid your health. Before you can reach the marijuana store, you have to take the doctor in confidence to advocate your case. This could delay the buying and often prove quite frustrating.

Online sale of marijuana

To overcome the problem of physical buying of marijuana, there are online companies that not only sell marijuana but also have elaborate set up for weed delivery service . Marijuana users in California are served by these online marijuana shops that arrange for doorstep delivery of the ordered items in a very discreet manner.  To buy from the online shops, buyers have to get enrolled as members of the company after due verification and confirmation as a medical marijuana patient.  Supply commences only after the membership gets approved.

Meeting varied needs

Marijuana is consumed in a variety of forms. Some may like to smoke the flowers of the medicinal plants while some others might like to inhale the vapor of the concentrate.  Tincture and edible forms of marijuana are also popular. Chewable and chocolate marijuana are also available to add variety to the way it is consumed.  All these types of cannabis products are served through the weed delivery service in the cities of California. Some of the cities are under the ambit of same day delivery and those that are not covered by it are reached on the next business day.

Added attraction

Besides prompt delivery which is the main attraction of the weed delivery service, there are many other incentives that online marijuana sellers offer to its buyers. Leaving aside the wide range of offerings that simply meets almost all kinds of requirements of medical marijuana patients; there are several forms of discounts that the buyers can avail.

  • Orders of $70 and above are delivered free across California.
  • If edible products are purchased on Mondays you stand to earn a flat discount of 10% on the order value.
  • The same discount is offered to veterans who just need to submit their military photo ID.
  • $20 credit in the form of 400 reward points is given to new patients and even referrals.
  • Shopping on Tuesdays is completely tax free.
  • Buying flowers on Wednesday could fetch 10% discount.

Like the topping on the cake, the online marijuana company will assist you to obtain a medical marijuana recommendation card to make things absolutely smooth for you.