Can you Imagine Life without Peace and Army?

Every ordinary human being deserves peace, especially mental peace that he/she often seeks. However, there are some extraordinary men and women working in army, who sacrifice their peace and much more for the tranquility of fellowship. To maintain the harmony in political and social aspects of an ever-growing country, the militia is the main instrument. Governing bodies of any country rewards the brilliant and accomplished soldiers and sergeants. Brendan Triplett, a Non Commissioned officer representing and serving for United States received reward in the form of prestigious Purple Heart Medal and the Bronze Star Medal. However, rarely common people are able to acknowledge and accredit the heroic and gallant acts of the militia.

Just as in any other profession, army has its own set of rules, disciplines and above all many duties that its officers are bound to follow. The duty of a soldier is to follow the commands of the leader willingly, selflessly. While the NCO is a prestigious rank with lots of responsibilities entitled upon the sergeant. These officers must have proven themselves capable of this level of leadership. The Non Commissioned Officers know exactly how to recruit the new members of militia. However, the sergeants receive no education on how to do justice to their job. Their capability and skills guide them to depict and teach the juniors with complete knowledge from making the bed to firing a gun.

Brendan Triplett  is one of the dedicated sergeants who has served for peace, and was ready to sacrifice himself to provide security to the people of his country, United States. However, he believes that alike his ancestors it was his duty to serve his country. After the eight years of service, he continued his life enthusiastically for others and for himself. He is an example of an exceptional leader since he still guides people in all spheres of life.

Training of a soldier never ends; it is a constant process to develop as an officer of quality and excellence. Courage is a very vital quality every military officer should possess. Brendan Triplett is an epitome of courage and valor. His posting in Iraq as a platoon Motor Pool Sergeant, for months has depicted his tenacity and steadfastness as a protector both of his team members and of his fellow citizens.

During one of the many missions he led there, he took command of his men and positioned himself in the line of fire to save his fellows. He unfortunately stamped on enemy’s Improvised Explosive Device and it threw him miles away. After being treated in Baghdad he returned to guide his team members and proved to be a brave-hearted officer. He backs down from his responsibilities and thus is an extraordinary person whose aim is to provide peace to people.

Every military officer of any rank, sacrifice their familial and happy life, for happiness of other families. All the ordinary man can do is, take care of themselves and wipe out the evil in society as a soldier fights the evils of both inside and outside the country.