CCTV Security Camera System Installed For Safety Or Profit?

Nowadays, presence of CCTV security camera systems Australia become extremely common, you can find its presence everywhere whether street, home, offices, commercial complex and personal properties. As closed circuit cameras have been primarily sold to society as a system of making us secure, falling crime and dispiriting anti-social actions. However, recently a research have been conducted to analysis the prime aim behind streets program shows, which disclose that it’s an extremely lucrative commercial agreements  between private entities and governments, public safety is not the main objective. But, as per the Australian Government this program is mainly introduced to make the street much safer and enhance public order.

As per the Australian Government, till now they have provided funds to more than 85 local body to make the implementation of program much faster and effective. As per the Authority people, “CCTV security camera systems Australia would be a great prevention as people aware they are going to be trapped easily”.

Even, they believe “being Australian it’s their right to feel secure and safe in their own country and this CCTV security camera system Australia will assist to attain that.”

However, this system has been criticized by the opposition party due to be short of evidence and bias funding policy. They believe CCTV security system project followed a poor transparency over its assortment criterion, project selection system and its guidelines. Nobody is satisfied with first round of funds distribution and second round of financial support is yet to be proclaimed.

This program is an element of an extensive political-economic structure within which both government and profit-making prospects have been influenced.

Further, CCTV system also played a significant role in making of public areas clean & safe which automatically enhance their position on International level and magnetize tourists, bring investment and attract customers that indeed make countries economy strong.

Besides, research evidence that CCTV cameras lessen offense rate thus political parties promote CCTV an efficient way to prevent crime and indirectly both government and commercial people generating huge profit.

But somewhere that is true, after introducing CCTV systems crime rate has been reduced a lot. To provide best possible security results a number of techniques have been utilized to examine dislocation and identify the exact offender. GIS system (geographical information system) has been used to make the identification of spatial dislocation.

However, after introducing CCTV system government and private firms are generating good profit but it automatically improves the security standard of Australia.