Did The Fashion Of Free Black Women Differ During The Civil War?

Fashion has always been studied and is a subject of keen interest for many people across the world. The evolution and story of fashion and clothes is not the same for everyone everywhere. When it comes to fashion, it is found that the trends were more for women over men. The Victorian Era fashion trends have always been a subject of interest and study for many enthusiasts across the globe. They have effectively gathered resources and old pictures that depict the fashion trends of women during that period.

There is a common question when it comes to the fashion of free black women during the civil war- did they wear they wear the same clothes as their white counterparts? Ann DeWitt has provided valuable insights on this question in her blog. She states that fashion has always been a fascination for her. She has done research and now is documenting her findings in a blog she keeps to help others know about how the women in the past used to dress. She has written her blog in simple language and provided some unique pictures that give you a glimpse of how the modern woman looked like!

Fashion of colored women in the past…

She says that research and details reveal that colored free women wore cotton clothes that were simple in nature. She states that Lavina Flagg discovered that free women in Georgia wore fabrics that were fine like wool and silk. The prints they wore were large and affluent African Americans lived lavishly even in the times of slavery.

The Ann DeWitt Civil War accounts also state that the dress code of colored women during those times were based on the social climate. A lady of African American origin Lavina has been the subject of study. She was the female personal confidant to Mary Ann Lamar Cobb who was the wife of Governor Howell Cobb. It is assumed that Lavina was allowed to attend tea parties and be included in the sewing circles thanks to the wealth that her husband Wilkes had collected. She lived in Milledgeville that was a urban city dominant for its fashion trends.

The cost of the dresses in those days…

Most of the clothes worn were hand-made. This made the dresses quite expensive. Only the rich and wealthy could afford such a wardrobe. The ones that did not have so much of money could only afford second hand clothes. There were some shops that sewn their own clothes. Many women wore clothes in layers primarily for the reasons of cleanliness, modesty and practicality

The Ann DeWitt Civil War insights give you an idea on how women at that time used to dress. The dresses were unique in a way and they were teamed up with all sorts of accessories. She has written many blog posts on this era for those interested in fashion. If you read them, you will also find many amazing pictures of the Victorian era woman dressed in the finest of clothes and accessories.