Traveling to Vietnam can be one of the most rewarding experiences. This is the country which is rich in culture and history and filled with the abundance of natural beauty. This country has become the top tourist destination welcoming more than millions of visitors to their shore each and every year. One can easily get the Vietnam visa from any place. Vietnam visa on arrival canada can be done through online. As everything is through internet, applying for visa is also available through online.

When you are in Canada and planning for the vacation to Vietnam, you have to determine if you required the visa, some countries are exempt and you can stay from few days to months without having right of entry in place.

If one wants to get the Vietnam visa, then they have to start filling out the application journey as soon as you are having your travel plans and the dates if it is finalized. You are having two options if you want to get Vietnam visa. They are: you can approach the local Vietnam embassy by taking the passport, passport size photograph, and cash and after that complete the form they have provided. This will take up few weeks to get the approval, so you have to make sure that you give yourself plenty of times while choosing any option to get the visa.

When this comes to Vietnam visa costs, you can find the option of applying online. This method is not only the cheaper alternative, but this is also much faster one. You can apply online by completing the simple and quick form in Canada itself, add payment and have the approval letter through email inbox within 48 hours. This method is very simple to get Vietnam visa from Canada itself. The major advantage to this technique is much faster and easier one.

While using this service, you have to be aware of when applying for the approval letter online is that you still have the Vietnam visa stamped in the passport at border, on an arrival at one of three international airports. At airport, there will be an additional stamp fee which could be immediately payable one. If you are mainly looking to save money, then online route is definitely the one to choose from. The good news is that, if you are using the reputable and well known site, you can get your money back if your application is declined, which eliminates any type of risk.

You have to be aware that you cannot take up any risk and just arrive in the country and expect to get the Vietnam visa, this country is very much strict and they will only grand you access if you are already having the visa stamped in your passport or you having relevant printed approval letter. Also, try to be aware they are exceptionally strict when you overstay above duration have been offered. So, try to follow the rules and enjoy your trip.