Get advice from Expert as to which is better for painting … Oil or Acrylic?

In the debate over which is better, oil or acrylic paint, it can only justly be answered by preference and in some cases, obtainability. Until you have been experimenting with painting for a while and have tried various mediums, it may be difficult to know which one is better. It is a good idea to play with a variety of styles of art to get an understanding of which materials and medium you like. Even though oil is perhaps the eldest form of paint medium, newer styles, such as acrylic and watercolor have made it easier and faster to produce artwork.

Vijaya Prakash Boggala is a medical abstract writer but during his leisure hours he loves to paint. He is an avid acrylic and oil painter and of now he is trying his hand in many other forms of painting. He says that like many artists he also still struggles with the question of choosing oil or acrylic for painting. He further added that both acrylic and oil paints come with individual advantages.

Advantages of using oil paints

  • Oil paintings seem to be the preferred and most appreciated mediums in the sought after field because it gives a perfect shine and allows the light to see through your painting and bounce back, which aids in enlightening your paint over the surface.
  • It is known to produce soft, vibrant, lush and attractive colors.
  • The colors in the oil paint mixes easily. They are easy to work with especially on the canvas.
  • Current technology has presented an oil paint that is water mixable or water soluble. This means that artists can still use oil paint but avoid using thinners and toxic solvents, by replacing them with water.

Advantages of using acrylic for painting:

  • They do not have odor and can be cleaned up easily with an acrylic cleaner or regular soap and water.
  • For those who want the paint to work rapidly, acrylic is favored due to the fast rate of drying.
  • Acrylic is known for its versatility as you can paint on just about any surface with this.

Vijaya Boggala says that depending on the talent, skill and desire of the artist, either material can be used efficiently. There are many high quality oil paintings on canvas as well as those created with acrylic. It is actually left up to time and the artist’s liking to determine which is actually best.

Vijaya added that for novices acrylic paints are usually suggested as they are easier to use and handle. However, painters who require ample amount of time to paint have found that the quick drying speed means they have to work quicker too, which affect the quality of their painting.

Apart from having interest in painting and writing abstracts for medical publications, Vijaya loves to watch live sports and work on numerous DIY projects. He is also improving his skills in slow shutter speed photography, landscape photography, and action photography.

At present, Vijaya resides in Greensboro, North Carolina, and has a four-year-old son.