Getting the Right UN Certified Hazmat Shipping Containers for Sale

Transportation of dangerous goods is a very serious affair, which required meeting some specific regulations put forth by United Nations. The first United Nations Model Regulations related to transportation of dangerous goods came out in 1957, and there had been many modifications happened to this from time to time. These regulations are meant to protect the hazardous goods transported and the surrounding environment.

You may find many advertisements online about hazmat shipping containers for sale , but need to ensure that you get the right containers and packaging materials for the purpose in hand. Only trained persons should handle the materials during the time of packing and transporting and there are strict regulations related to handling and shipping of hazardous goods. Violating this will not only increase the risk of an accident, but also can end up imparting huge penalties on those who violate it.

Hazmat packing

Hazmat packaging is the common short form used for hazard materials packaging, for which special materials are used for covering and packaging such goods to be shipped through various modes of transportation. The containers used for hazardous materials packaging is generally called as Hazmat boxes. These come in various sizes and shapes to be compliant with the standards regulations.

If you are planning to ship any such material or need to handle such packages of the customers on running a shipping business, make sure that you use only UN certified packaging boxes and containers for this purpose. Always take the service of vendors offering hazmat shipping containers for sale who are licensed and has sufficient experience in packaging of such goods, quality assurance, and customization of packaging to the standards.

UN certified packaging

There are many types of UN certified packaging for different materials and the most common hazmat packaging in demand is the ‘V’ packaging. These are used with a combination of inner components. This is also found to be most ideal when there is a variety of a product to be shipped together. Such boxes have adequate cushioning materials, which can be inserted to the void spaces. The cushioning material used mostly is vermiculite type of absorbents.

Hazmat boxes are frequently used to ship lab samples and chemical components. For lab samples, there are various flexible solutions with inner containers. So, no just the outer corrugated box, but from inner containers to the fillers, everything needed to be compliant with the hazardous goods packing regulations. The packers also should stick to the maximum gross weight of the packaging also to ensure foolproof safety.

Packaging methodologies

There are basically two types of packaging methodologies used as combination packages and single packaging. In combination packs, there are one or more types of packages which are put together with cushions in between. There are strict regulation on which types of materials can be combined for such shipping and which all should not be strictly combined. In single packaging only one container can be shipped like a five-gallon pail etc.

You can approach an authentic hazmat shipping containers for sale provider if you need to get assistance on what type of containers to choose and the specifications to be met while doing packing and shipping of items. Do have an in-depth knowledge about the specification of your material and the packing standards to avoid any penalties or dangers.