Growing Prominence of The Unusual Techniques of Contemporary Art

The word ‘contemporary’ refers to the present scenario, and hence contemporary art means a representation of the present society and all the issues related to it, in an artful way. This form of art is not a very easy one to comprehend and this perhaps is the reason why people are so skeptical towards it.

However, the good part is that once the true meaning of this form of art is revealed to the viewer, they are immediately hit by a sense of awe, respect and admiration towards the creator of the art. Mark Borghi makes an attempt to bring this contemporary art and other forms of art like the abstract and the pop art, more accessible to the common masses through exhibitions that are held at his art galleries.

He owns three art galleries one in New York and the other two in Palm Beach, Florida and Bridgehampton respectively. His exhibitions feature works of popular artists of the times like Andy Warhol, Johnson Pollock and others. However, his galleries are specialized in presenting the works that are built on the framework of Post-War America.

A contemporary artist uses very unique techniques to prepare an even more unique work of art, he keeps in mind that the work has to compel the viewer to admire the creation and be surprised. The credibility of a contemporary artist therefore lies in his technique that totally challenges his imaginative skills.

The first most interesting technique employed by a contemporary artist is Minimalism. Just as its name suggests this is the technique that challenges the creator to keep things to their minimal form and yet bring out their beauty in the best possible way. The most rampantly used technique and perhaps the most difficult; in this the artist has to attempt to remove all that is not essential in the particular depiction. Keeping in mind his subject, the artist has to be very careful in eliminating unnecessary things for the picture so that the essence of the painting is not lost.

The next technique is the use of Found Objects. These are basically objects that an artist finds interesting and can find an aesthetic value attached to it. You could find very casual things in the depiction of a contemporary artist and be astonished, but you can rest assured that it will be that object that perhaps enhances the beauty of the painting.

The present times are one which appreciates larger than life depictions, so just as the films, the contemporary artists also use the technique of Large Scale art to grab the attention of the viewer. The artists attempt to use the entire nature and environment as his tool to create and exquisite piece of art. You have to see this kind of art to be able to absorb the kind of creativity flowing through it.

To get an experience of how contemporary artists use these techniques in their creations, visiting art galleries like those owned by Mark Borghi are an ideal place. One of his exhibitions featured a wall sculpture using the spare of different types of cars like Ferrari.