Guidelines to Improve Landscape Photography from Radha Singh

Landscapes are often the most compelling subject for beginners of photography. Its serenity, beauty and absolute stillness offers no scope of distraction and the nature lover solely focuses on capturing the sheer splendor of nature. However, to get a desired capture a photographer has to wait for the right time at the right spot, since the nature works in its own way. To capture its most unusual faces in a professional way, there are some factors to apprehend says Radha Singh , these are:

The game of light:

What constantly affects the landscape the most is light and its changes with the position of the sun. While the sky during the sunrise is more towards light crimson red, the afternoons have yellowish highlights on leaves and sunsets depict the vivid hues of orange. It is important to understand how the light affects the landscape and hence your composition. Shoot throughout the day, through different period, get to know these transitions, and learn to get the best shot out of them.

Dimension and depth: What is picture if only a flat image portraying the dimensionless nature? Depth and dimensions breathe life and perspective into the picture and to do this choose the small aperture setting for some dynamic shots.

Stability and stillness: If weather permits, make sure to use a tripod while using long shutter speed to ensure extra stillness.

Focal point: When trying to compose every picture, a focal point is important which applies for landscape photography also. Whether it be a tree, boulder, range of mountains or sudden appearance of an animal, anything can be at the focal point. Choose one and place it appropriately in the composition.

Choosing foreground: A beautiful captured shot is one, whichhas a balance between an interesting background as well as foreground. The attraction of the place does not end at the focal point. The photographer has the opportunity to use almost any location to full extent, cease every phase of it.

Embrace the weather variations: The bright sun or heavy rain, clear sky or clouded sky, they all have something to offer. Nature never disappoints, even little objects visible through heavy fog have their own charm. Heavy rainfall on beach, its sudden change of colors and movements of water are the rarest of views to capture forever.

Revisit same place: No place of nature would be the same on every visit. In every season, at every different period of the day and from different perspectives it can project powerful scenic beauties. It is a great way to understand the progress when revisiting the same spot and capturing the same subject. The photographer gets to learn about the self-development in this journey from beginner to professional.

Radha Singh NJ believes in the fact that nature is the best teacher, as it instills in the learner the important values of patience and endurance. The photographer learns to see that unusual aspects of nature otherwise hidden to the vision of common people.