Harley Reagan – A Healer, Teacher And Motivational Legend!

There are few people in the world that are still remembered after they are no more. Their spirit still stays with their followers and their names are enough to invoke respect and inspiration. These people are forever remembered for their lives, virtues and knowledge that they shared among one and all.

Harley Reagan- a powerful and inspirational teacher, healer and person

Harley Reagan was the founder of Swiftdeer Tribe Metis Medicine Society a healing and spiritual group known for its ethnic practices and teachings. He was of Irish descent and known for his excellence in martial arts. He claimed himself to be a Cherokee and he started to teach rituals associated with Cherokee in secret to his group of followers. He said that he was a descent from Maya and Cherokee and that his teachings were the result of many spiritual groups that included Olmec, Maya and Toltecs.

His offering to the world- Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society or DTMMS

The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society was established in 1986 by him. This Society was founded with the mission of collecting, translating and teaching the Wheels and Keys of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path of Turtle Island. The Twisted Hairs Metis Medicine Society Council of Elders mandated and guided this Path. There is a gateway process in this Path and the members of the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society play a crucial role when it comes to guiding and teaching newcomers for their spiritual awakening in this Path.

An Insight into some of the most powerful laws of nature

The Path is a collection and lineage of ancient spiritual laws that incorporate healing techniques, the laws of the Universe, ceremonial alchemy, magic, determination, awakening in the spiritual path, alignment and communication with nature and more. This Path has its own mystery like the traditions and the laws that are followed by the Celtic and the Tibetan traditions. With the passage of time, this Path has evolved over the years.

The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society provides individuals with a number of publications and programs for those people that are looking for spiritual growth, connection and maturation. There are several programs that this Society conducts on a regular and frequent basis. They imbibe the teachings and the teachings of their Founder and they have been able to help many people from all walks of life from across the world. The Society conducts a number of workshops and they teach followers about shamanic teachings that originate from the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path right up to the Thirty Sacred Laws along with simple techniques of meditation to the wisdom about the Rites of Passage.

This Society founded by Harley Reagan has a valuable offering that is not a product or publication. This offering even has no cost. The offering that is the most prized possession of the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society is the Gateway Process that belongs to the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path along with wheels, keys and ceremonies that are an integral part and parcel of this powerful yet scared tradition.