Harmful effects of Drug addiction and its useful treatments

Drug addiction is taking over people as various kinds of drugs are present in the market and dealers sell them in parties too popularly known as Rave parties. People especially the young generation is getting addicted to heroin, morphine, cocaine, etc. that affects the memory and physique of a person severely. Heather Taras states that the drug addicts need timely treatment as they may face social trauma or mental stress that will result in the fatal condition of the abuser.

Harmful effects of taking drugs

Drug use is becoming a fashion nowadays, as people being aware of its harmful effects get addicted to the same. The reason can be they may be facing stress in their life and it is reported that most of them take the drugs initially on their own.

The habit of taking drugs changes over time as it becomes an addiction and the person loses his self-control over the usage of drugs. Heather Taras, Drug activist says that the memory and thinking power of the person is adversely affected and they cannot perceive about the harmful effects. Here are some of the important points that state about its harmful effects:-

  • The person gets addicted towards taking drugs because of stress, peer pressure, quality of parenting, sexual or physical abuse, etc. This results in the loss of memory power of the person and they are unable to discriminate between right and the wrong.
  • The usage of drugs also controls your behavior as the person may not behave properly and there are mixed emotions and changed behavior that can be noticed in the drug addict.
  • This adversely affects physical health of a person as it can lead to many fatal diseases and some of them are incurable which results in the death of drug addict.
  • There are varied types of drugs used by the drug addicts nowadays to relax themselves like marijuana, morphine, some cold medicines also contain drugs and in most of the situation alcohol as a toxic substance is added in this category. The usage of these drugs leads to improper functioning of the body and have adverse effects on the body too.

Treatment rendered to drug addicts

However, addiction to drug proves fatal but Heather Taras Drug activist tells about various treatments that are available for the drug addicts that can help them in leading a good life. During their treatment, only support and motivation can help them to curb this chronic disease and some of other treatments are-

  • The drug addict should be made aware of the reasons for making a change in them that is for their family, friends, career and health.
  • They should choose a program according to the severity of their addiction and how can the particular program help you to curb this menace.
  • Get the support of your family and friends while going for drug abuse treatment as you can take your partner, friend or either of your parents.

Lastly, it can be seen that though drug addiction has harmful effects but with proper treatment, one can lead a normal life too.