Have you heard of pain free dental treatments?

Everyone assumes that going to the dentist means experiencing a huge amount of pain. Of course they do: for many people, all they have ever known is pain when they have gone to see the dentist. They are used to being pushed and pulled around in the dental chair, having to stretch their mouth open wide for hours at a time, and feeling absolutely everything that their dentist was doing in their mouths. Not a pleasant experience. The connection between dentistry and pain is such a strong one that many people will go out of their way to ensure that they do not have to go anywhere near a dentist unless it is an absolute emergency – the trouble is, when it gets to that point, no one wants to go because they are so conditioned to feel pain.

Although not all pain is good, however, you must remember that not all pain is bad either. For many people, pain is a symptom (and the only symptom) that something is wrong, and is the way that problems like bone cancer are discovered. In many medical professions including dentistry, pain is necessary for diagnosis and without it really major problems would continue on for a long time without anyone doing anything about it. There are some elements of pain that cannot – and should not be removed. When a person has braces or orthotics, the pain is a good one: it demonstrates that the teeth are being moved around the mouth to a better and much healthier position.

On the other hand, there is a great deal of difference between diagnosis and treatment in general. Dental treatments themselves should be pain free, and many now are thanks to the clever research and development that so many have done across the world within the dental profession. Now pain free dental treatments are starting to become the norm in many dental surgeries, with patients not even having to think twice about going to their appointment because they know that they are going to experience no pain and almost no discomfort during their time there.

It is difficult for some to believe that such advancements have been made in dentistry – after all, no one ever talks about it! You do not see anything on the news about this dramatic changes in the way that dental treatments are now pain free, you do not hear any dentists advertise this very much, and if you asked most people if pain free dental treatments were available you would be laughed out of the room. Why does this seem to be hidden? Perhaps it is because dentists are still getting used to it themselves. After decades of hurting and frightening people, they want to be absolutely sure that these new dental advancements really are going to be beneficial for their patients.

Others think that it is because no one would believe a dentist if they said that they could offer pain free dental treatments – they would assume that it was just a trick of marketing. That is why it is down to us who have experienced pain free dental treatments to tell others about the opportunity to receive dental treatment without agony and discomfort. The more that people hear about pain free dental treatments the more that they are likely to believe it, and start to ask their own dentist whether they offer pain free dental treatments as well. No one has to live in fear of pain at the dentist any more, and there is no reason why anyone has to avoid going to the dentist any more. Now that pain free dental treatments are here, unhealthy and uncared for teeth are no longer an option.

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