Helping The Poor Step Out Of Poverty

The moment you hear the word commercial real estate, the first thing that comes into your mind is profit! It is not your fault- most people believe that commercial real estate only is targeted at profits. However, the notion is wrong- there are some esteemed companies like The Welfont Group that focuses on the development of under-utilized properties for the alleviation of poverty. They are selected carefully and worked on for the purpose of charity and the improvement of society. These properties become the base for millions of people to start hoping for a better future.

Meet an expert who believes in charity

Joe Johnsonis a skilled and experienced commercial real estate professional in the USA. He has been predominantly involved in the acquisition of real estate commercial properties for charity and the well-being of the society as a whole. He is with The Mercy Foundation.  This Foundation is a non-profit organization and it has the primary focus of changing the lives of poor people across the world. This Foundation provides micro-finance loans to people under the poverty line so that they can live a decent life and end the vicious cycle of poverty.

Helping families live a decent life with a caring heart

When it comes to the efforts of The Mercy Foundation, the Joe Johnson Welfont team of professionals here are helping the poor to live a better and decent life. They ensure the poor families get micro-finance loans so that they can expand their present occupation along with farming to the next level. This Foundation sustains itself and it does not bank on third-party donations. The team of passionate experts at The Mercy Foundation believes that these people are not responsible for being born poor. They have been unfortunate to have been born in poor circumstances however if they get a chance, they can proceed ahead in life and live a decent living.

Giving the poor the support they deserve

The Foundation believes firmly in the concept of micro-finance however unfortunately, the poor people are not sure on how it functions. This is where the professionals step in to help. The reality is many of them have no or little education. They want to improve their present standards of living but have no idea on how to do so. The task of the friendly professionals here is to spread education and awareness. They explain everything to them so that they get the confidence and the will power to use their occupation and step out of poverty gradually.

Mission to improve the lives of millions

Joe Johnson is a compassionate individual who believes that people who are poor should be given the support from their more fortunate counterparts. He says that his mission is to make a positive contribution to society by helping people lead better lives. He and his group of dedicated Joe Johnson Welfont team of professionals have indeed improved the lives of thousands of people. They are happy and have also grown successful thanks to the loving support of compassionate individuals like him in society!