Hire the Right Contracts & Claims Manager since Every Construction Project is Unique

Every construction project is different and unique, so the projects should be managed accordingly. Project management in the construction industry can be explained as the integration of a number of project phases, overall planning and control of the project intended at achieving the necessities of clients. Construction project management also aims at generating a fiscally and functionally viable project. In order to implement it in a more effective manner a proper planning of budget, preparation of tasks, resource distribution and consumption is mandatory.

Lisa Dudzik is a Contracts and Claims Manager with specialization in construction projects. She has expertise in areas such as project strategy and management, including project execution and recovery plans. She also deals with the in-between tasks that may suddenly rise while the construction is continuing. Apart from these, she loves travelling and has listed the United Kingdom, Colorado, Maldives and Belize as some of her preferred travel destinations.

Contract management is vital but it is not easy. You need thorough adherence, attention to detail and somewhere to store all records securely. This is the reason people tend to hire Contracts and Claims Manager. The main job responsibilities of contract manager are listed below:

  • Taking part in developing the solicitation and drafting the documents. Contract administration should be considered during this process
  • Maintaining appropriate records
  • Managing any state property used in contract performance
  • Exercising state remedies, as appropriate, where a contractor’s performance is lacking.
  • Monitoring the contractor’s progress and performance
  • Documenting significant events
  • Authorizing payments consistent with the contract terms
  • Resolving disputes in a timely manner

In addition to this, the contract manager acts as contractual middleman between company employees and clients, guaranteeing well-timed appraisal and approval and settlement of differences.

Lisa Dudzik is a well-known Contracts and Claims Manager who has the ability to handle multidimensional tasks relating to contract and claims management by examining contracts and negotiating to carry out claims where appropriate. She can manage contracts from tendering phase to close out with clients and subcontractors. Thus, it can be said that Lisa is responsible for management and coordination of the Main Contracts related issues and activities that arises all through the construction works execution.

Employing a manager to manage a project can also help with making sure that it stays on budget. Helping with financial decisions as well as communication is essential for success. Knowing exactly what is expected from the start will keep everything on target. Keeping those lines of communications open is very important.

Another beneficial aspect of having a construction manager like Lisa Dudzik is they are familiar with the documents that are used during the process. Most designers use an identical form when writing up their contracts. While this standardized form assists the designers, it most likely does not have the best interests of the builder included. Having a manager that realizes this can help in the review of the documents to be sure that the builders’ interests are protected