How Anura Perera Helps the Victims of Natural Disasters?

Assistance associated to victims of a natural disaster involves the coverage of basic items. First of all it is the safety of the victims that is considered as the most important thing. Next they should be supplied with items that can improve their prevailing condition. The different types of shelter requirements are primary to accelerate the process of recovery. These days across the world there are numerous non-profit charitable institutions that work in different areas with the purpose of helping the people in need and work for their progress. Helping with the rehabilitation of victims of natural disasters is one of the different responsibilities taken up by these organizations. These charities mainly are subject to the donations by the affluent section of society and government grants in order to function and continue with their social service.

Born in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Anura Perera Dubai is a successful entrepreneur and generous humanitarian. Anura Perera has assisted improve numerous lives through his wide-ranging charity work as the head of the George Phylnormel Foundation. In this role, Anura Perera has safeguarded funding for a variety of worldwide charities, which include the Triple Gem Society. Established by Buddhist monk Bhante Wimala, the Triple Gem Society starts life-saving humanitarian support projects. Anura Perera along with the George Phylnormel Foundation, Triple Gem Society has provided accommodation and medical care to war-torn populations, poverty-stricken and natural disaster victims across the world.

Natural calamities have become more disparaging in the recent years. An earthquake, storm surge, or flash floods can impact towns and take millions of lives. Thus, Anura encourages people to lend their time and funds to relieve the loss and suffering and start the rebuilding.

The Non-profit organizations and charities need to raise money to cover operating costs and support their mission of helping the victims. Though time, equipment and other items are great donations, receiving donated money is the best form of support. Money raised allows the flexibility of option for when and how to use the support. In fact, In addition, as an ardent philanthropic, Anura Perera raises funds in order to carry out relief operations in disaster-afflicted communities in order to create opportunities to ease the living conditions of the victims of natural disasters.

Charity is the virtue that permits people to extend their hands to the needy. Charity is a kind of voluntary service and the most well liked form of charity is donation; usually the monetary donations.

Anura Perera Dubai started his career as a Salesman and Maintenance Engineer with a distributor of Caterpillar construction machinery in Zambia. Since he has interest in business from his childhood days, he left the company to nurture a varied range of international business opportunities. Anura later on became the chairman of Raycom Aerospace Pte Ltd. He helped the company to expand its services and grow its network to cater to a large number of customers.

In spite of being a successful international entrepreneur, Anura Perera has always maintained his down to earth nature and thus his love for mankind and the wide-ranging charity work has made him one of the most famous business tycoons of the world.