How BPM Software Facilitates Business Growth in Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical companies can take advantage of BPM software to take their business to a higherlevel. This is done be utilizing the advantages of the all-in-one business solution. The key features include a unified customer database, improved coordination of marketing campaigns, improved account management, cycle activities planning, sales process management and sales analytics.

The combination of these features on a single platform enables different departments towork in a cohesive and efficient manner. It’s important to note that such software allows for scalability, which is a key ingredient for business growth.

The key players in the pharmaceutical industry are already taking advantage of the benefits that CRM software brings. Read the rest of this article for more information on why the investment is a no-brainer.

Tools for marketing and product promotion

For any business, the marketing of their products can be a constant headache if there is no defined process in place. Fortunately, BPMsoftware provides the tools for marketing automation and pharmaceutical product promotion.

For example, the tools to segment the customer list are available. Consequently, targeted marketing campaigns can be run to match the products with the customers that are likely to buy them. This maximizes the value of each marketing dollar spent.

Marketing resources management is also possible. The analytical tools are available to receive data on the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. This information can then be used to allocate marketing resources to the campaigns that provide the most growth for the company.

Account-based selling

Software solutions like BPM softwareprovide account-based management where specific activities can be plannedforeach customer. BPM systems allows for schedulinga promotional call, sending a marketing e-mail or offering a discount for a particular product customersmight be interested in.

The BPM + CRM software takes into account employee schedule to help organize tasks. It enables the efficient organization of activities so that your employees can easily cope with their schedule and workload.

Field force management

Employees on the move will have access to key information in real time, which enables informative decisions to be made. All the important information can be easily accessed in both online and offline mode.

Furthermore, the system can automatically schedule agent’s visits in the most efficient manner, which allows to quickly figure out the plan of action for any given day.


By investing in BPMsoftware,you’ll increase the effectiveness of customer relations, marketing opportunities and help employees organize their schedule. The increases in conversions due to happier customers and improved employee efficiency means CRM + BPM software is a no-brainer investment.

To find out additional information about how bpm’online can help with the growth of your pharmaceutical business visit the official page. Take the time to learn the key advantages, and you’ll see how it can lead to a more profitable business.


BPMsoftware can help pharmaceutical companies by increasing the quality of customer relationships, help organize employee schedules and increase marketing opportunities.