How Customer service has improved over the years

For the consumers, the future of customer service cannot come soon enough. The customer experience landscape is ripe for disruption. Companies are now slowly making progress towards more seamless and simpler customer experiences. Basically the goal is to keep customers satisfied and that has always been the heart of customer service. In years past, it meant doling out the smiles and fielding the occasional phone call from a disappointed customer.  Commonly, a strong company will have great customer relationships, and most organisations ensure they have a good customer service training programme for their employees and the ‘smart’ companies will be asking constantly ‘what is good customer service’ and they will always make sure the correct training is implied within the work place.

Regardless of how impressive your company is or how talented the staff are, one of the things that customers are most likely to remember is the direct interaction they have with your company. If the customer service is below satisfying and they are believed to be treated unfairly or unprofessionally, than they are mostly likely not to use your services again and might also spread a bad word about your company. At the end of the day the customer service team is usually the face of your company and the customer experience can define if your business is a success or not. With modern technology, there has been a drastic, yet positive change in customer service and to get the best training, it’s worth looking at the Institute of Customer service to ensure you are trained appropriately and efficiently.

Basically the biggest change in customer service is the sheer number of channels through which people can contact your business. Instead of phone calls and letters, customers can now communicate with and about your company through the forms of email, social media, text message and even video calls and live chats. Because of this advanced mobile technology, customers are now given this opportunity of 24 hours access to public forums in which they can talk about your business. With all this said, here are number elements of how customer service has changed and ways to adapt to it.

Customers are in control and that’s how it will always be

Businesses need to be aware that customers are now in control when it comes to public brand perception. The internet has given consumers a powerful voice and they’re not afraid to use it.

Consistency is something with high importance in regards to improving service

Collaboration allows people to connect from practically anywhere in the world to brainstorm, share and execute great ideas that helps drive the company forward.  Keeping finding new ways to improve your service, when you find the right formula, keep to it and adjust yourself if you must to make it work, but being consistent in the main importance to keep your customers happy and presenting a positive reputation in relation to your business.

Be quick on the social media craze

Social media can be a blessing and your worst nightmare. It’s the best way to represent your company so when a customer is commenting about the service, be quick to comment back as it shows integrity and care towards your service and customers.