How Russia Was Suppressed Before The Revolution!

In the past, the world has been hit by a number of revolutions however one revolution that brought a positive and negative impact in the past is the Russian Revolution. This Revolution had two major phases and both of them changed Russia and global politics in a large manner. Historians and scholars have researched deeply and given the world interesting facts of the Revolution.

The real causes of the Russian Revolution

Orlando Figes is a expert when it comes to the Russian Revolution. He has documented many causes of the revolution that changed the fate of the nation and the world as well. He says that this Revolution abolished the monarchy and set foot for a communist economy. The autocratic rule of the Tsar could not be taken anymore by the working class. Tsar Alexander II was a better monarch for the people when he ruled the nation. The reforms he introduced became quite famous in the land. However, the Tsar Alexander III and Tsar Nicholas II was very authoritative and despotic. It was during their rule that the political bodies like Meer, Duma and Jemstvo lost their political powers. There was huge unrest in the nation and the poor people like the peasants and industrial laborers suffered a lot. The students and the intellectuals also took to the streets to protest. There was a fire of severe unrest in the nation and gradually everyone started to hate the Tsar.

The “Russification” Policy

Tsar Alexander III was not only tyrannical but he was a follower of the Russification policy of all the systems in the land. His son, Nicholas II also followed his father’s footsteps. He announced there will be one church, one Tsar and one Russia. Under this declaration, only the rule of the Tsars, the Catholic religion and the Russian language were to be followed in the land. This extended to Poland, Finland, Lithuania and the other non-Russian areas that were under the Tsar. The students of these schools could not study in the Russian colleges or schools. This created a lot of unrest and outrage in the nation.

The social system

The society of Russia was divided into two segments before the Revolution started. They were the rich people and the poor people. The feudal lords, rich and nobles belonged to the first class. The second class comprised of the labourers, serfs and peasants. There was a lot of imbalance in the society and no one was really happy. Then Tsar Alexander III emancipated the serfs. This made the feudal lords very angry and they lost their lands. The serfs were unhappy as they worked and got very low wages. Political parties were unhappy as they were debarred from the privileges they used to enjoy. If you look at the total picture, everyone including the farmers was unhappy with this new turn of events.

Orlando Figes says that this unhappiness, the autocratic rule of the Tsars and the political unrest in the nation was too much to take for Russia. It revolted into what went down in history as the Russian Revolution.