How to access multiple Gmail accounts in the same browser?

You have got great flexibility with numerous accounts today. Google have let visitors get one account at one time. The truth is you’ve got access to an account in a single browser at one time. It was an issue. As the next minute I needed to have another account log in from my other account, and I needed to log out of the preceding. It was tough initially to handle this type of scenario.

It is possible to sign in from the same browser with multiple gmail.con accounts. How is this done?


When you would like that, you just will be free to open two accounts on Gmail from the same browser you then need to do some setting changes. You’ll find a drop-down box when you go into your Gmail Page section. These features will be active in Google Reader Google calendar as well as other Google sites.

Inside this, you’ll find “Multiple Sign in” feature, and you also must enable that. Ensure that you’ve got empowered that in good shape. When you visit to enable them, you should check that the multiple sign-in features are defined to ‘set off.’ You should press on Edit after which you’ll notice the possibility of altering the setting to ‘on.’ You should click on ‘on’. This can help you in making changes that are desirable in a setting of the account you could have several sign in from all of your gmail.con accounts simultaneously.

Just on Gmail sign in your primary account, after this. You’ll discover there’s an arrow on top of the email address which you have typed. There you’ll get a point that says ‘Sign into some other Gmail Account.’ Now, it is possible to sign inside another account on Gmail in the same browser also.

Here you go with the enabled feature of accessing multiple gmail.con accounts.