How to Choose the Right DUI Attorney In Fresno, California

Drunk driving and subsequently getting charged with a DUI in California can have consequences that last a lifetime. At the same time, not getting the best DUI attorney to be at your side through the process can also be hazardous. Below are some tips to aid you in finding a good match to help you through this trying time.

  • You must be comfortable with the lawyer you choose. If you’re not able to share all of the case details with this person and feel confident that they’re doing everything they can to aid you, keep looking. This is a partnership that needs to be solid.
  • Be sure that your new DUI attorney is actually well-versed or specializes in DUI charges. They should know every nuance of the California Penal and Vehicle Codes pertaining to your specific case.
  • Investigate your potential lawyer and learn everything about them. This includes previous cases, client reviews, any disciplinary actions against them. How long have they been practicing? How long specializing in DUI law? Have they had more successes than failures? How many cases have they taken to a jury?
  • Learn upfront what your charges will entail. What do they foresee happening in your case? Have they dealt with a similar incident?
  • Does the lawyer and/or firm have malpractice insurance? This is a critical component as it protects you as well as them.
  • How will your attorney communicate with you? Can you get everything in writing?

While these questions will be helpful in narrowing down your choices, please feel free to contact our office to learn more.