How to Fix HP Laptop Freezing Problem in Windows 10?

Freezing of computer stops all the functions and not allow you to perform any task using any key of mouse click. HP laptops suddenly stop responding or mouse and keyboard not working, even nothing is displaying on your computer screen is the sign of computer freezing.

Trapped in such situations and mouse cursor remains in constant bust mode tests your patience. You need to troubleshoot this problem immediately using right solution. Below few techniques have been discussed for troubleshooting system freezing issues on HP laptops.

Step1: Unlocking the Unresponsive Computer

Here you need to follow few steps for unlocking your HP system. Just disconnect all the devices from PC, remove any discs from the CD/DVD drives. Press F4 key while holding down the Alt key on the keyboard. Open task manager and view the list of all programs running select them one-by-by one and end task.

Close first programs that are not responding, and while doing that after closing a particular program if your window becomes active and start responding it means that software or application is creating a problem. Restart your PC and use without running that application.

Step2: Update Drivers and BIOS

This is also a part of troubleshooting process, yes sometimes outdated drivers and BIOS settings also creates such issues on windows 10 PCs. Update all the drivers and also update BIOS by HP Software & Driver Download on your computer with the help of HP tech support providing online tech support for solving such issues remotely.

Step3: Scanning and Removing Malicious Files

Virus and malware are one of the major reasons behind the freezing of the system. Use an effective antivirus software or malware removal application to diagnosis the malicious files and clean them from your computer. While scanning your system also scans your computer and other connected devices like USB drive and external hard disk that you usually connect with your PC. If you already have antivirus software check the subscription period and expiry date.

Step4: Update Operating System and Software

New threats attack older version of operating systems and software, if you have not updated your windows OS, check the latest updates and download the same. Similarly, also update all the software installed on your computer, because new threats in the form of malware comes in the market and updated versions are equipped to protect your PC from such risks. If there is any problem, you can call at HP laptop support  for online help.

Step5: Check and Clean Air Vents to Stop Overheating

Many times due to overheating of computer, freezing problem comes with end-users. Check air vents and its mouth chamber if it is blocked by dust particles and accumulated dirt or cobweb, it will block air to come out from the processing chamber resulting overheating of system. Keeping processing unit cool in the computer is very important to avoid major crashes, freezing problem, system shutdown issues and windows failure etc.

Freezing of system mainly occurs either of mentioned above four issues, and if you follow the suggestive measures carefully you can dial HP Technical support phone number +1-844-577-2999and get online assistance to fix such issues remotely and run your PC without facing any technical problems.