How to report a fraud

What are the investment frauds and how to recognize them?

This sort of scam fraudsters posing as traders and offer you a range of investment opportunities, including investments in shares, land, gold and precious stones, credit, wine, or pharmaceuticals. Callers use aggressive sales methods and often claim that you will miss an outstanding opportunity if you do not act the same time. Despite promises of high returns, investments are usually worthless or overpriced.Go to Rick Patel Criminal Lawyer for more.

Scammers discover details that will make you think that these things can be owned only by a credible investment company. Thus, for example, they will want to know the details of your previous investments and shares you own, or information about your personal situation. Fraudsters are always well prepared and learn as much as they can about their victims.

Scammers often try harder and everything related to them seems to be credible, they can even have a prestigious address in town, toll-free telephone number, an impressive website or shiny brochure.

They will contact you mostly by phone, or can offer investment and sending e-mail messages, distributing brochures or on the website. Fraudsters will often call the same phone number repeatedly to the transfer recipient until they develop a friendly relationship. If in any way you react to their persuasion, they will eventually persuade you to invest. Once you get your money, you probably will try to persuade the new investment.

What should be done?

If someone offers you a sudden opportunity to invest, it is best if you do not to agree or at least before making a final decision to explore the company and its contacts and consult with an independent source. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. High yields can be achieved only with enormous risk.

How can you protect yourself?

    Do not talk to people who are trying to sell you investment opportunities, but end the connection.

    Do not agree to buy just because you were told that the opportunity will be gone by tomorrow. End the conversation and consider a day or two of their options and seek independent advisors.

    Carefully insert the money, especially when it comes to land, carbon credits, wine, precious stones or stocks.

    Before investing seek independent financial and legal advice.

    Check the current price of shares in the media or with a broker. Look for the website of the company and its annual report.

    Never send money to people you do not know.

If you think you contacted an investment fraudsters or that you are a victim of investment fraud, call your bank immediately as well as the police. These things should be reported immediately so that your sources can be saved. Make sure not to share your personal information with unknown people. Do not answer to unknown numbers or talk to strangers. Protect yourself first and protect your bank account.