Know the trends of branding

The world is very hectic now and opportunities that are created can be destroyed in seconds or days due to the hectic competition. In this environment, world brands are never a step forward, but try to be ahead of everything that is happening. This has undoubtedly been a very intense year and we have been witness to how brands have been trying to adapt to what has been going on and have been marked for the future some lines, that is why we believe it is important that you know the new trends of branding.

  1. Ephemeral:

As they advanced the new generations and as we understand the futility of materialism, we see how the categories. In society today, the immediacy in which in 3 seconds something in fashion and in 8 seconds disappears, we can say that the ephemeral has taken the lead.

Today we don’t need to buy a car to use it, nor do we need to have an office to enjoy it, we don’t even need to buy a suit for label. Because, the cars per minute, the offices for hours, the costumes for days. We are facing a new scenario in which the immediacy is above the needs, where the status quo is not measured by what we have but what we enjoy without having it, this is not more than one of the new forms of consumption that challenges the marks to reach your audience in other ways very different.

  1. The physical transformation of branding:

We approximately a decade listening to talk of the digital transformation, of the needs of occupy a space in the network and to transform our activities into something more intangible and much more accessible to every one of us, which is a process that has impersonalizado to many of the brands, leaving alone to their consumers.

We are sure that many miss this personalized treatment, the warmth of a council, listening to the voice of a person offering you a product.

Today in the context of the digital and the use of different channels of communication and establish relationships, leave a huge giant marks on the approach to the disconnection of many users of social networks. It is important that the marks begin to rethink what is the best treatment that must be given to the audience.

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