Liquid Anavar dosage and cycle recommendation

Anavar is the anabolic steroid with low androgenic activity. It is the brand name for Oxandrolone and because of its fewer side effects, it is very popular among the majority of athletes and bodybuilders, This steroid helps them to burn body fat and to lose weight without any added water retention. Usually, Anavar is available in three forms that are in injection form, pills form, and in liquid form. However, oral Anavar is considered as most popular form out of all of these as it is widely available in steroid market. Although Anavar injections are also widely available in the market, they are not manufactured by the pharmaceutical companies like Anavar pills. They are mostly prepared in homes and in underground laboratories which are not trustable as they may leave you with fraud products. Liquid Anavar was actually produced in the year 1964 and at present, it is considered as one of the most popular anabolic steroids available in the market to be used by both males and females steroid users because of the fact that it is a very mild steroid that can produce great results with minimal side effects. Liquid Anavar does not refer to the Anavar injectable form, it refers to a liquid suspension that is taken by mouth for better and faster absorption. This is made in underground labs and individual homes and is available for less cost than the injectable form. Generally, Anavar suspension in oil is considered as best option for many users.

Though there are many oral steroids available in the market that serve users purposes well, even in pill form, most steroids are more easily absorbed, when they are taken in liquid form. Because of this reason, most athletes prefer to take liquid suspension rather than pills. They also consider Anavar suspension in oil as one of the best suspension methods. Another main reason to choose liquid Anavar is, it is least expensive and is easiest to make on their own. Anavar users who make liquid Anavar will usually combine it with an ingredient called polyethylene glycol which enhances its absorption. Along with this, it is mixed with high grain alcohol as it preserves the ingredients and also allows them to remain in their suspended states. If you choose to take Anavar suspension then you must carefully plan the amount of steroid per dose and must adjust your Anavar cycle and length accordingly as the Anavar liquid is far stronger than the Anavar capsule form and may be taken too much, even by accident. So the first thing you need to understand is the concentration of your Anavar liquid, which should be listed on the bottle.

Though liquid Anavar works faster than the pill, Anavar in pill form is easier to take than in liquid form as it is easier to measure. Anavar may have a different concentration and the dropper given along with it may be graduated differently. Generally, liquid Anavar is sold at a concentration of 20mg per ml which is usually intended to be dosed with a 0.5ml dropper. By this, it becomes very easy for men and women to measure their liquid Anavar dosage. For bulking purpose, the dosage of liquid Anavar for men would be 80 mg or 8 droppers and for women, it would be 20 mg or 2 droppers. For cutting purpose, this dosage would be of the range 50 mg or 5 droppers for men and 10 mg or 1 dropper for women. For Performance enhancement, this dosage would be of range 25 mg or 2.5 droppers for men and 5 mg or 0.5 droppers for women. Liquid Anavar has a short half-life. So its effects are noticed by users just within a short amount of time period after taking it.