Meredith Iler on the mandatory question to be asked to Charities!

You must of heard of many fraud veterans charity which have often times been the reason of paranoia among donors. But, this does not mean that the genuine charitable organizations are absent. Like good and bad, there is a co-existence of genuine and fraud charities for the wounded soldiers. Even if not frauds, as donors or givers for helping the veterans & their family, you need to understand the distinction between the organizations that spend your money efficiently on programs that directly impact the beneficiary and ones that don’t.

Meredith Iler , being the founder of the Wounded Hero Home Program at Helping a Hero (houston), says that it is mostly on the Veterans day that most Americans look out for ways to give (time or money) to the millions of wounded military soldiers across U.S. The WHHP (Wounded Hero Home Program) is as of now Helping a Hero’s multi-million signature campaign that has stroked a record of awarding beyond 100 homes to the soldiers and the family members of the veterans.

The Charities are well aware of the approach of people during veterans or independence say. Thus, they create opportunities where the mass can support the soldiers and express their generosity and gratitude towards them. But, it is surely an unfortunate fact that your money that you look forward to spend for a good cause may be wasted by many charitable organizations that are inexperienced or by outright scams.

It is thus wise to investigate about the specific charity’s performance in order to determine whether they are worthy to receive your giving or not. Only after proper evaluation of their transparency practices you must reach out to donate. In this case directly contacting the concerned charity can give you the best information. The four mandatory and basic questions to be asked are mentioned below:

What is the mission of the charitable organization?

A charity must be confident and Meredith Iler believes they must have ultimate clarity about its programs and mission. If the case is otherwise and you see that they are struggling to explain the same, you will understand that they will probably be inefficient in delivering such programs as well. A healthy veteran charity will exactly know what they want to do and why they are required.

What are their organizational goals?

How else can you measure the success of a charitable organization if there isn’t the tool of goals present? Thus, to measure success, establishing clear cut goals is of utmost importance. As a giver or a donor, the answer to this question will clarify what the charitable organization is working towards. Any successful charity will easily communicate its long-term as well as short-term goals.

What is their progress towards these goals?

Once the goals have been explained, it’s time to clarify the charity’s present position in achieving them. The charity in question must be well versed in how their actions have marked their progress.

Do they have any source to demonstrate transparency?

Well-managed and honest charities will always be non-hesitant to showcase their transparency. They can very well make the audited financial documents available for your review.

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