Methods Meteorologists Adhere to Forecast Tornado

Meteorologists are the scientists who help in predicting the different weather changes with the help of different tools. The different tools that are used in forecasting the different weather conditions are barometers, anemometers and thermometers. These tools help in measuring the wind speed, the air pressure and the temperature.

The meteorologists are also able to forecast Tornado. This forecast is based on the forecast models and the different observations related to the weather. The areas that have a higher risk of tornado are monitored more closely. If the meteorologists feel that there are conditions which might lead to a tornado then they issues a stark tornado watch that normally lasts for a period of four hours to six hours. When such a warning is forecast then the general public, the emergency managers, storm spotters and the local forecast offices get alert of the impending tornado. The tornado is normally forecast using weather radar. If you are present in the area where tornado has been forecast then you should be careful.

There are two techniques used to predict the impending tornado and given below is a list of it discussed in details:

The Computer forecast models:

The meteorologists use the different numerical weather prediction tools to find out if there are any chances of an approaching tornado. These tools try and calculate and find out how the weather would behave on certain points starting from the surface of the earth to the top. There are various weather balloons flung around the earth twice a day and appropriate data is collected from each of these balloons. Apart from weather balloons the aircraft, the satellites and different temperature profilers are also used to find out the different weather conditions. These computer based models first try to predict the present weather conditions and then try predicting the forthcoming weather conditions. In order to describe the weather conditions mathematically these meteorologists also make use of the Physics and other dynamics to explain the behavior of the different types of weather conditions.

Ensemble Forecasting:

The computer models work exceptionally well if the weather follows the rules that have been set. However, if the weather does not follow these rules then it becomes quite difficult to predict the different weather conditions. So the other technique that is used here is the “ensemble forecasting” technique. Here in place of using just one model there are several models used. So if each of these computer models predicts a tornado then you can be rest assured that it is most likely that there will be a tornado.

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