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When it comes to advocacy, it has always existed since time immemorial. This is especially true for the United States of America. Approximately, 230 years back, the colonists advocated for freedom and they campaigned for it with vigor. Everyone from all walks of society stood up so that their voice could be heard. For notable example of advocacy in the USA is the Boston Tea Party!

Making a sea-change in legislation and policy making in the land

Advocacy has made a great difference when it comes to policy- making and legislation. Now, corporate America is thinking about grassroots advocacy in a serious way says Jack Bonner. He is a grassroots advocate and has been a professor at The Center for Presidential and Congressional Studies at the American University for two decades. He is the Founder of Bonner & Associates and A 2 W Advocacy to Win .that primarily focuses on grassroots advocacy He says businesses are becoming aware of the importance of grassroots advocacy and this is why they are appreciating its importance and value. He says that the major challenge is to sell third party advocacy to clients of the organization in a wide range  of new circumstances that pertain to marketing and reputation.

The grassroots evolution of the 1980’s

There was a grassroots evolution in the 1980’s. This was the period before there were restrictions on political campaigns and its contributions. It was here that corporate USA had lost to a very large extent in Washington on issues like the Clean Air Act. It was because of this that the corporate focus shifted. During that period getting corporations to use grassroots in any of its organizational manifestations was very hard. However, when it started to emerge, it managed to take a strong hold and there were millions of dollars that were spent at the state, local and federal levels. There were fights on corporate legislation and regulation. The ideology of grassroots advocacy clicked.

Untapped in the USA

If you take a look at grassroots advocacy today, you will find that it has grown to a very large extent. It is now the “in” thing. You will find firms dealing with public relations provide advocacy and it sells well. There is a lot of money that is being spent on grassroots advocacy today. The corporations are becoming smart and they are realizing its importance. They also state that all advocacy is not the same and it cannot produce effective or improved ROI on a consistent basis.

Team of trained and qualified experts to guide you

The Jack Bonner A-2-W team is experienced and it helps its clients understand the nuances of grassroots advocacy. He says that the area has been untapped and there is a lot of corporate expenditure involved in its applications. He says that he and his team of qualified and trained experts help corporations seek effective and new advocacy services. They are willing to spend on the grassroots advocacy programs. With the aid of third party advocacy they can do it effectively.