Nature of Basketball Injuries and Some Quintessential Facts Regarding Them

Apart from being one of the most popular sports, Basketball also poses to be one of the biggest contributors to both sports and recreation-related injuries. With every passing day, the sports grow in terms of participation and with more and more involvement; the intensity of the game is also increasing. Apart from increasing the popularity of the game, this has even increased the number of injuries that happen. With 11 percent of the global population involving themselves in playing basketball at all levels, with a major concentration in the United States of America.

As far the studies have been carried on, Michael Thomas Eckhardt remarks that not much of injury of the basketball players have been noted down in European countries. The studies concerning the epidemiology of basketball injuries have also found the popularity in the USA. Since the game of basketball played in the USA as compared to the European countries is lot different, the nature of injuries in these two continents is also different. A lot of this credit goes to the rules that have been set by the regulatory committees of both the continents, NBA in the USA and FIBA in Europe.

There’s no denying the fact, that Basketball is a game which is both physically and mentally demanding and is even characterized by intermittent bouts of high intense activity occurring in the context of an enduring event. Even though the players hardly reach the maximum running speed which is otherwise quite common in many other Sports, they often need to overcome the movement momentum to change the direction in order to accelerate or decelerate. Going by the technical terms, basketball is considered to be a non-contact sport, but on practical grounds, one can easily find the high level of physical interaction between the players of the opposite teams.

Now while medical experts have involved in defining the major forms of injuries, they have identified the notable variability used in defining the injuries as muscular-skeletal complaints occurred due to competition or training and require medical intervention immediately. The game of Basketball requires repetitive and continuous jumping, interspersed with running and rapid change of directions. And such a pattern is actually focused on the lower portion of the body involving much of the limb. As a result of it, almost 46.4% to 68 % of injuries are accounted for in the lower limbs, while the head and neck injuries make only 5.8 percent to 23.7 percent of them.

According to Michael Thomas Eckhardt , who himself is an avid follower of Basketball, believes that athletes of all ages, and everyone who works with them- be it the parents, coaches, team managers and even the sports medicine experts must have an answer to one particular question. What is the time that is being lost from the specific injury, and when will the player be back on the court? Knee injuries and ankle injuries are considered to be the biggest culprit for maximum time loss, but again injuries are a part of the game, and the players need to go through it. The better they have the expert help to deal with the injuries, the sooner they’ll get themselves back on the court again.