New technological innovation in Audi cars

Do you like driving a powerful car that can travel over difficult terrains without much of an effort and look amazing too on the road, then select an SUV. All premium SUVs cost the moon, so if you are dreaming of owning one, then we advise you to go ahead and get a used Audi Q7. India is a growing country, not only in population and economy but also in aspirations of its neo middle class. This growing class with a lot of disposable cash in their hand is looking for a ride that will not only give them an amazing experience but will also improve their standing among friends and peer group.

Among top of the line companies that produce premium SUVs, Audi has created a name for itself. Driving an Audi car on the road is guaranteed to get you envious glances. Audi is recognised for being at the vanguard of introducing new technologies to its products that will. The most important aspect of using an Audi is that you get the craftsmanship that taken a long time to reach perfection.

If you want to buy a used Audi Q7 in India, it is important to look out for a few aspects. These include proper inspection of the car by a qualified engineer. You should also look for any new paintwork on the model that will tell you that, it might have been done to paper over any damage the car might have suffered earlier. Always look for the structural unity of the car. If there is any new welding on the chassis, then it tells you that the structural integrity of the car might be compromised and can lead to huge repairing cost for you in the future.

Always scrutinise the car papers thoroughly and see if the information given in their matches with the ones in the car like the VIN number. In addition, check to see whether the car is any way embroiled in any legal matters before putting in your hard-earned money for it. You can minimise your risks by looking for a pre-owned car sold by the recognised dealer of the company. If you have set your heart on buying a used Audi Q7 in India, this route will be ideal for you as it not only gives you the guarantee that the car is inspected by a company’s recognised engineer but also gets a warranty on the car itself.

Once you got your hands on this beast of a car you will be amazed by the spectacular technologies it brings to the table. The first would be Audi’s virtual cockpit that changes with the position of the car to give the driver relevant information like fuel level, driver assistance system, media updates, nearest fuel stations, navigation and so on. Audi connects and Audi ultra provides you with dynamic internet connectivity and new materials respectively, for lighter and stronger machines with greater agility on the road and fuel efficiency.

Being a premium SUV, Audi Q7 has several comfort factors that allow the passengers to have a bump free ride even while travelling on pothole filled roads. It’s terrific suspension cushions most of the bumps to give you a silky-smooth driving experience. Driving a used Audi Q7 in India, you can rely on the powerful 3.0 litres diesel engine to power you over rough terrain with breaking a sweat. This powerful heart of Audi Q7 gives you an astounding 600Nm torque propelling it to its maximum speed of 234 Kmph.

This car is a perfect example of power and opulence and having one in your garage will boost your status among your peer group.