Patrick Dwyer predicts prosperous financial future of Miami

Patrick Dwyer needs no introduction. He is one of the most reputed and celebrated private wealth advisors and financial planners based in Florida. With an experience ranging nearly two decades, very few people understand the pulse of Miami better than him. He is based in Miami where his career flourished and gradually he became one of the household names for the people. With profound knowledge, expertise and talent, he has successfully resolved every financial issue his clients faced.

Patrick Dwyer is known to oversee over $2.5 billion assets as he manages the cities wealthiest professionals and other people. He also manages the advisory firm Dwyer and Associates. So, he is the perfect person who can comment about the financial condition of the people.

While describing the wealth of Miami, he comments that it is pretty consistent with other parts of the country. From his experience he can say that about 80 percent is generated by the client themselves and while only about 20 percent is inherited. He figures out that in Miami, real estate plays a significant role for its booming economy. He comments that though it faced a period of stagnation especially during the recession but gradually the sun will continue to shine again on Miami’s real estate.

Leaving out New York, no other city in the east coast of USA provides so many opportunities to the people. Living in Miami is fun where every person gets all the amenities and benefits of the modern world. It soothing climate, entertainment field, booming finance and culture with the lovely beaches make it one of the flourishing cities of the country. Along with it, he also comments that as the dollar rises, it can prevent the foreigners from their prospective house purchase. The luxury end of real estate market assumes that everything is since there is no leverage. Hence people are putting down big deposits.

Staying in Miami is expensive as it is regarded as one of the costliest cities in the country. Hence on every investment, the people expects a healthy return in order to maintain a luxurious lifestyle. Mr. Dwyer explains that most of his clients expect around 5 to 8 percent return annually in order to meet their goals. As the whole market has now performing decently, people can invest in the stocks. The companies are generating a lot of cash through this process which also benefit the shareholders. He also comments that as the bull market in the bonds is over, the interests can go up but not substantially. It is going to change the returns on America’s favorite investments.

Patrick Dwyer has clear and unbiased views of every aspect of the economy. It has helped him to provide the accurate solutions to the people. He along with his team working at the Dwyer and Associates always looks forward to provide impeccable solutions. They also foster an active, meaningful and professional connection with the clients so that they can understand their requirements better. These delightful traits of him help in developing long term relationships with the clients.