Pre and Post-Workout Nutrition Simplified – What Types of Foods to Eat and When

Everyone knows that being healthy requires working out every day and eating healthy balanced food. Similarly, working out with a proper diet plan is also essential to a healthy fitness routine.

However, deciding what you should eat before or after a workout can be confusing. To help clear up any confusion, we’ve gathered some of the top foods you should eat before and after your workout so that you can make the most of your personal training session.

Foods to Eat Before Exercise


A few hours before a workout, try to eat a sustaining meal like oats. Oats are filled with fibre, Vitamin B and carbohydrates. These nutrients can help power you through your workout. They can also keep you full until you’re ready to work out so you don’t reach for an unhealthy snack alternative. Then, when you go to work out the oats you ate earlier will help maintain consistent energy levels during your fitness routine.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are another great option when it comes to healthy eating before a workout. This is because whole grains are an excellent source of carbohydrates. So they will boost your energy levels allowing you to immerse yourself in a better workout. To add extra flavour to your whole grains, use a healthy spread like peanut butter or honey.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yoghurt with mixed fruitis another top choice to eat before a workout. It is a food which is rich in protein. The combination of protein from the yoghurt and vitamins from the fruit will provide you with essential energy for your work out.

Apple Peanut Butter Energy Chunk

An apple peanut butter energy chunk is one of the best foods to consume before a workout. This combination of foods will boost up your energy levels. Not to mention that apple dipped in peanut butter is a perfect flavour combination too! One sliced apple spread with or dipped in peanut butter is enough to kick-start your workout.

Orange Smoothie

Another good energy source for your pre-workout routine is an orange smoothie. Orange smoothies are often referred to as energy boosters. Oranges are packed with Vitamin C which is essential for your body. So, when you drink an orange smoothie it will fill you up with energy. This will help you to sustain a longer workout. Combine orange juice, water and whey protein in a 250ml serving to power you up before your workout.

Tips on Foods to Eat After Workout


After a workout, it is simply essential to drink water. During your workout your body can quickly lose fluids by sweating them out. It is vital that you replenish these fluids quickly to hydrate yourself properly. You should always make sure you have a bottle of water handy after your workout.

Carbohydrates and Proteins

As far as post-workout foods are concerned they should be consumed within an hour after your workout. It is best to consume a combination of proteins and carbohydrates when you do.

Carbohydrates assist in building essential glycogen stores. These can help the body refuel after expending energy during your workout.

Some foods which are rich in complex carbohydrates include:

  • brown bread
  • bran
  • oatmeal
  • cornmeal
  • buckwheat
  • barley
  • brown rice
  • root vegetables like potatoes
  • wholegrain cereals

Then along with your carbohydrates, you should also opt for foods which contain proteins. These proteins supply your body with essential amino acids that used to rebuild muscle tissues during your workout.

Here is a list of some top proteins for your post workout routine:

  • cheese and dairy products
  • chicken
  • fish
  • tofu
  • beef
  • soy products.

So that’s it now you’re all set to head out to your workout with your personal trainer and get in shape!

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