Qualities That A Prophet, A Spokesperson Of God Possesses

The very word prophet indicates the essential role of being a speaker or advocate. According to Christianity, a prophet is one who under God’s guidance, blessing and inspiration through the Holy Spirit delivers the Almighty’s message to other people. He begins a ministry where by people gather and come across the words of the Lord. Seen as the bridge that connects the disciples to the Almighty, prophets have many such roles to fulfill.

People pray for many reasons, a prophet prays for his Christian community. Since his knowledge of the Lord, he is capable to pray more effectually than other ordinary fellows are. Vitally, prayer is the means of communication between the two, hence praying preachers are the sincere prophets. Like Moses, Isaiah, were the burden bearers as they were responsible to spread words of God, and raise his glory amongst humankind. Ordinary men and women seek the shelter of these prophets; expect to know all the Lord has to declare. Centuries ago, humanity blessed to have Jesus Christ as the spokesperson of God had witnessed greatness, compassion, and love for fellow people.

He being the son of Almighty also possessed powers to heal humans off their suffering. None equals the power the ultimate and infinite being. Omnipotent and omnipresent, he blessed few with his powers to save his creation from further miseries and perplexities. It is through prophets that almighty addresses his words of wisdom, and heals those who seek him for cure. Prophet TB Joshua is one such prophet through whom Holy Spirits bless innumerable people daily. This divine healing done before in the ministry of Jesus had saved many lives as also glorified God, as he deserves. Since the omnipotent being is the creator of whole universe, and every being on earth, he does not want his creation to suffer and cry in pain. Help and cure though these prophets depict the love of God for his people.

The divine healing has the power of curing all those on whom even medical science fail to cure. It also deliverances those possessed by demonic and evil spirits. The ministry of Prophet TB Joshua claims to have cured incurable ailments like HIV/AIDS, and his anointment water has saved many from deadly circumstances. It is through prayers and rituals that he summons the almighty to bless upon his children and take their illness away. God’s blessing and healing is for all who seek his help, equal love for all

His ministry SCOAN (The Synagogue Church of All Nation) claims that he predicted many events related to individuals visiting him, and other worldly events beforehand. His prophecies include that of the great singer Michael Jackson’s death, the Boston bombing attacks in America and more. This depicts that prophets also foresee events and alert people of what is approaching.

These chosen men of God guide, teach, and articulate the words that direct which path to take and follow. Under their shelter, all Christians should unite to keep their culture and religion alive.