Reputed Name In Corporate Investment and Real Estate For Seniors!

Real estate and investment is a complex area and you need the guidance and the expertise of skilled and qualified professionals when it comes to consistent earning of profits and revenue. When it comes to understanding the market, it is crucial for you to have a leader who is well versed and acquainted with the demands and the needs of the market. In the USA, one leader is not only known for his expertise but also for his passion and commitment for his work. His name is Alan Naul and he is the owner of The Javelin Group LLC in Texas, USA.

The Javelin Group LLC is based in Texas and is owned by Alan Naul. He is the President of the Group and a financial services executive. The Javelin Group was established in 2003 and before he established his own firm, Mr. Naul spent over a decade serving as a Managing Director with The Hampstead Group in Dallas. During his tenure with the Group, he looked after the corporate investments and the real estate matters of the Group related to the hospitality and healthcare industries. Alan Naul managed the renovation, acquisition and the disposition of the two largest lodging projects of the firm. He was also behind the workout strategy for a $130 million investment with Omega Healthcare that was a REIT with a number of assets in the field of bankruptcy.

Effective team under expert leader

Allan Naul is known for his inspiring leadership qualities when it comes to corporate investment and real estate. He is always educated and aware of the market trends in both the areas. He says that when he managed the corporate investment needs of his clients, he always had to take into account their individual portfolio. He says that the needs of two clients are never the same and this is where you need to effectively scrutinize their individual portfolio for giving them the best options for enhanced revenue growth. The Alan Naul Javelin Group is known for their dedication and passion towards senior care in the USA and again here he effectively leads them to better management and leadership. The Group also invests strategically into companies and properties that give housing and healthcare to senior citizens in the region. They a special interest in the field of assisted living facilities as well as nursing care. Since 2004, this firm has managed over $100 million in the form of investments.

Properties and companies –investment

Allan Naul attended The Cox School of Business at The Southern Methodist University where he had earned his BBA degree. Besides work he also enjoys hiking, traveling and skilling. He is passionate about his work and always keen to develop the technical skills of his staff. He gives the regular training and ensures that they are sound in knowledge when it comes to the real estate market in the USA. The Alan Naul Javelin Group is indeed a reputed name and this is why it is for the first choice for investors here in the nation!