Safety In Mutual Copulation is Indirectly Proportional to the Conjugal Lifestyle?

While examining the different types of sexual practices and norms absorbed all over the world, it has been seen that nobody is created equally. The western societies have been the witness of several preferences in their practice, including traditional heterosexual pairing to the monogamous ones and have slowly, but steadily accepted all of them. This has actually emphasized the importance of promoting safe conjugal life and prevention from AIDS. All might differ in opinions, but adhering to the concept of safe lovemaking, it can actually help people avoid much of the suffering, if not death itself. And the bulk condoms are one of the easiest means which might help preventing the serious after effects of having unsafe lovemaking.

As the sexual practices become more and more diverse with each and every passing day, there are several sexual norms that evolve daily. One is the practice of swinging, which is more popularly termed as wife swapping. These wife swappers have actually received the definition as anybody, either single or may be in any relationship, who are free to practice all the promiscuous lovemaking. Though most of these swingers are married couples, even the singles have started taking active participation in this. There are two simple rules that these swingers must adhere to- one, free choice takes the precedence over all the aspects of life and the individual is solely responsible for it; and secondly, nobody must be encouraged to engage in such wife swapping until and unless he/she is sure to participate into it, and are secure in their relationships. The wife swapping is meant just to increase the love relationship that exists between the couples and no other emotional attachments are formed between the members who participate in the wife swapping. Since it’s just the hormones who take part in such kind of relationships, it is must that the practice of safe lovemaking must become more pronounced.

BDSM, standing for bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism, is another practice that is slowly gaining prominence in the modern society. Beside being popular, even wrong association with BDSM is mere cruelty, and this practice can be easily considered as the form of self actualization, to be considered in the promotional campaign of safe sex. Polyamory apart from these two, meaning public acknowledgment of more than one romantic relationship at the same time, is growing popular with every passing day. Whichever among the three it might be, one thing is constant, and that is more than one partners. Since no one can stop the adults from getting involved in any of these three, they cannot be exempted from being responsible enough to practice lovemaking. Now while swapping multiple partners for a night, it is not possible to have the blood test done to determine whether there’s any kind of transmittable disease in their blood. So, the only option remaining is the use of the bulk condoms which can prevent to a major extent indeed.

And moreover, since most of the individuals involving in these practices are generally of the adventurous types, there are even possibilities of using toys to enhance the encounters, which increases the chance of being affected by STDs. You’ve got just one life, and how you’re going to live is your decision solely. So make sure, you live long healthy, to enjoy longer.