Salient Benefits to Use Stainless Steel Nails for Carpentry Works

For both carpentry and construction work, using nails is a common thing. Now, different kinds of nails are available in the marketplace. They vary in terms of size, shape, functionality and many other aspects. Nails are manufactured with different metals too. You shall find iron, copper and stainless steel made nails. Based on the materials, different nails are used for different purposes or reasons. However, use of stainless steel nails is more extensive  these days. What makes them so usable? Why stainless steel nail is better than other nails? In the following section, we shall try to find the possible answers to these questions.

Durability of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a hard metal that commits durability for the objects which have been manufactured with the metal. So, it is obvious that using stainless steel for producing nails always commit durability. Stainless steel is a strong metal too, and thus it is resistant to corrosion. In case of carpentry works, stainless steel adds long term solutions. Using iron nails can get harmful. Iron nails often get rust and start breaking apart. As a result, the whole carpentry structure may get collapsed. Since stainless steel is a strong metal, it does not get damaged easily when hammered by a strong hammer head.

Stainless Steel Is Rust Resisting

For design outdoor furniture or swimming pool decks, stainless steel nails are preferred over the iron nails. The first reason is definitely strength of stainless steel. However, iron is also strong metal. But, problem with iron is that it gets rusty when kept in the moist environment. At pool area moist or outlook moist, iron nails will get completely rusty and they shall start showing the signs of corrosion. For durable solutions and effective rust protection, you are advised to use the stainless steel nails. Stainless steel does not show signs of corrosion easily, especially in moist environment.

Keeping Aesthetic Values Intact

Aesthetic value of certain structure would get hampered, if iron nails are used to make them. Iron nails become rusty, and that make them to appear ugly. It is always effective to use the stainless steel instead of iron for keeping the aesthetic value intact. Stainless steel does not lose its natural gloss or shine easily. It stays rust protected for the lifetime, providing both strength and aesthetic appearance benefits to the structures. This is why carpenters or construction workers or contractors generally choose stainless steel over the traditional iron nails.

Stainless Steel and Copper Nails

So far, we have learnt that stainless steel is more durable and stronger metal than iron. Stainless steel is rust protected and that is the biggest reason for using it. Similarly, copper is also rust protected. So, why should one prefer stainless steel over copper nails? Well, it is true that copper nails are used quite extensively for its anti corrosion property. However, copper nails have certain drawbacks too. Copper is delicate, and thus it has been used for small construction or carpentry projects. Where you need more strength of the nails, you should use stainless steel nails.