Surplus Solar Panels – Saving for the future!

There are surplus solar panels out there which are for sale. Some solar panel companies also sell broken or used solar panels. People who know their way around solar panels modify the used ones to improve their working condition. A used solar panel isn’t always bad. There are various used panels that work wonderfully, but due to a little damage in a cell or near the edge, the panel doesn’t work up to it’s full potential.

Solar Panel companies want to dispose of their used panels by selling it instead of giving it for free and because everyone wants to get rid of their high electricity bills, they prefer to acquire solar panels from solar panel brokers. Some prefer to buy, based on the suggestion by Solar Installer Canada, surplus panels because the purchase of a new one can get quite expensive. Approach

People who are upgrading their units want to sell their panels by using solar panel brokers instead of handing it out for free. For them, if the solar panels are scratched or a bit damaged then it is useless. But that’s not true because used solar panels can work as good as new panels if you know how to fix it.

Used solar panels can be a wise choice if you want to lower your budget on the construction, but they do come with a few disadvantages. The main drawback is that the age of the solar cell is uncertain. You cannot predict how long the panels will last. The older cells take more space when compared to the modern solar cells.

Surplus or used panels don’t work to their full potential because of the scratches, cracks or sometimes there are cases where you can find condensation under the surface. This reduces the amount of energy absorbed by the cells which in turn decreases the electrical power. Even though these minor defects can be, fixed good quality surplus panels are a bit better.

The cracks and minor pitting of the panels still generate their original output, but it is wiser to take a person who has a vast knowledge regarding solar energy panels to make sure your investment isn’t going to give you loss. The reason many people want to use solar panels is because of power cuts. Surplus and used panels are a good bargain, but there are a few factors to consider before you buy them.

Things to consider when buying surplus solar panels

Solar panels are hardwearing and durable. It’s important to know how long they have been used and make sure that the panel isn’t badly damaged. Make sure that you ask for a warranty and that it’s a valid warranty from good solar panel companies.

Always check that the surplus solar panels do not have an expensive price tag as there are other expenses such as installation.

Check to see that the technology isn’t very old because solar technology is moving at a rapid rate. Many old panels use up a lot more space than the new panels.


Although many people prefer to buy from solar panel brokers or solar panel companies, it’s cheaper to find them online. Make sure to check all the sources and compare the prices along with the condition. Try to find out how you can fix the damages on the solar panels before installing them in your home. Make sure to try and find an approximate age of the solar panels so you know how long they will last.