Ten great Goan dishes

The Indian state of Goa offers visitors an eclectic range of food to discover. Enjoy the tastes of dishes based on either fish and coconut, which reflect the influence of Hinduism, or beef or pork, as favoured by distant Catholic invaders.

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With the variety of food Goa offers there is something to suit everyone. Here are just ten popular Goan dishes.


This super spicy dish blends amazing spices and sauce with chicken, mutton, lamb or fish and is a must-eat for fans of hot food.


Another spicy feast, this dish combines Goan spices with pork meat and offal and a thinner, but no less delicious, sauce.

Fish curry (Ambot-tik)

A key dish for locals, this curry combines fish, fruit, chilies and spices in a rich, thick sauce. It may sound like a strange combination of ingredients but it works really well.


Forget naan, sanna is the bread of choice to soak up your Goan curry sauce. It’s steamed so the texture is light rather than dense, and is made from rice flour and coconut.

Mussel Rawa Fry

Succulent fresh mussels fried in crispy batter, what’s not to love?

Pork vindaloo

This red sauced dish is both incredibly spicy and nothing short of delicious.

Chicken Cafreal

Marinate chicken in spices, cook with rum and vinegar until it is tender, then enjoy.

Prawn caldine curry

A good choice for mild curry fans, this dish uses coconut milk to create a lightly spiced and creamy taste of heaven.

Ros omelette

This is basically an omelette stuffed with either meat or vegetables and smothered in meaty gravy. Simple to make, and a pleasure to eat.


A pretty pink pudding made from a blend of ghee, flour, egg yolk, coconut milk and sugar. A very indulgent way to end a great meal.

Goan food offers a pleasing mix of both the traditional and the unusual, and considering how much British people love Indian food, it’s no surprise that there’s a growing demand for commercial ovens from companies such as https://www.247cateringsupplies.co.uk/catering-equipment/heavy-cooking-equipment/commercial-ovens-ranges to equip UK restaurants looking to serve Goan cuisine.

Whether you get to try these flavourful foods on a sandy beach on the western coast of India, or in a restaurant closer to home, it hardly matters, but try them you must.

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