The Achievements Exemplify the Expertise and Attachment of Ann Sheeley in Civil Law

While continuing her law course, Ann Sheeley, currently the Chief Attorney of Sheeley Law LLC, Massachusetts, participated in a series of moot court competition, respectively in the United States and in the UK. In most of them she emerged victorious establishing her excellence in legal practices. Importantly, during the time she was in London for her higher courses, she joined in a big Global Moot Court Competition. This competition was organized at the distinguished Grays Inn in London. In the competition, Sheeley was declared and honored of being the highest performing oralist while her team was also considered as the best. This special honor and award of best oralist was a windfall for the young attorney Sheeley and that fueled her desire to become one of the top thriving legal practitioners in legal industry.

It’s in 2003, when Ann Shirley Sheeley undertook a court case in support of an injured worker. The poor worker was a victim of a sudden outburst of nightclub fire, occurred in West Warwick. The representation of the case was rather challenging to a newcomer law practitioner Ann Sheeley . Nevertheless, the way she fought the case against her opponent lawyer and had established the case before the court of law that made everyone in the courtroom speechless. Eventually, she won the case and thus, assisted the victim to get his legitimate compensation.  It needs no mention; all these achievements boosted the self-confidence level of Shirley, which is a special attribute for a professional lawyer. After coming back to America, she aimed to establish her own law firm with an objective to offer first rated legal services in civil law.

Lately, her highly distinguished law firm Sheeley Law LLC, has been recognized and honored by the global community, the National Trial Lawyers or NTL for the group’s great involvement and contribution in legal industry. The inceptor and chief attorney Ann Sheeley has been highly appreciated by the esteemed members of NTL for her great services to residents of the extended area Newport, Providence, Pawtucket, Warwick and other areas in MA.

For her dedicated support to countless helpless victims of personal injury, workplace accidents and criminal cases and enriching the US legal industry and also for making citizens aware about their rights and letting them know how law is equipped to protect them, the name of her law firm Sheeley Law has been included in the list of ‘Top 100 Trial Lawyers’. NTL is a self-governed no-profit making enterprise that includes top attorneys and legal practitioner from all across the US. The community has been focused to acknowledge the noteworthy attorneys for their great achievements and contributions to legal domain.

Ann Sheeley has been associated with a series of famed legal boards and communities.  Some of them include Bar Association Rhode-Island & Massachusetts, Association for Justice; American Association of Trial Lawyers; American Association for Criminal Defense Lawyers, and Newport Chamber of Commerce. During the time of her higher education in London, Ann Sheeley got the chance to work with the British Parliament MP David Penhaligon as an intern in his office. For Sheeley, this is a great achievement in her career that made her skilled as a legal practitioner.