The Police & Non-Lethal Flashlights

Police non-lethal tactical equipment has witnessed major developments in the recent decades. This has been beneficial in the area of crowd control and mobs. The major purpose of these tools is to disarm the crowd or the mob without the use of any lethal weapon that will cause harm or potential injury to them. In this way, the police is able to control the crowd better.

Bradley J Sterling is an ex-police officer having vast experience in the above field. He says that LED flashlights play a vital role when it comes to these non-lethal weapons used by the police force. These lights are very powerful and they are often used in search and rescue operations. They can be attached to the belts of policemen and used on their trucks. You will also find them attached to the helmets of firefighters as well.

When it comes to the police force you will find that these LED lights have potential benefits over the traditional lights that were used before. They give the user more brighter and powerful lights and this makes them the most effective lights for searching and rescue operations.  These lights have a very durable construction and they also have the ability to withstand external shocks. They have the capability to last for 35,000 to 50,000 hours and this makes them give light to you 5 times longer than fluorescent bulbs. These LED are cost effective and this makes them to be a smart choice in the police force.

Uses of the LED light

These lights are generally held in the hand and they are better than the conventional lights that the police department had used in the last. Not only do these lights give better durability and brightness but they are safer for the police squad to use. There are some hand-held devices where the police officer is able to adjust the brightness of the light and allow the officers to extend it as well. The beam becomes wider and the amount of light flashed on an object also increases. These lights are very helpful for policemen that are chasing suspects. They can also be used in rough weather conditions thus making the search operations more tactical and better.

The new breed of LED flashlights can be used on a violent mob. The mob or the crowd can be controlled in a better manner. These lights or torches are able to use pulses or light frequencies that are super bright and this often can confuse and disorient the mob. This makes the mob easier to control and the police can perform their functions better. This light is called the LED incapacitator and is gradually becoming as popular as the pepper sprays and tear gas devices.

Bradley J Sterling says that there has been a number of test trials that have been done by the police and it has been found that these lights are very effective and convenient for the police force to use- they are durable and functional giving the police force an upper hand in riot and mob control!