Three Ways Plagiarism Can Occur

Plagiarism is a serious academic offense. Academic institutions do not allow this to be done by students or even faculty members as they write they respective research papers or even home works or written assignments. However, plagiarism is not exclusive in the academic world. It can also occur beyond that. For instance, the online publishing world also does not allow plagiarism. Search engines punish websites who commit plagiarism by having their website ranks decrease in search engine results pages.

If you are wondering how plagiarism can occur, then this article will present to you the three ways plagiarism can occur. With such knowledge and the use if a content plagiarism checker, you will surely be able to avoid plagiarism and all the punishments that comes along with committing it.

Copying A Lot of Things from A Source

One way plagiarism can occur is when you copy a lot of things from a source. When you do this, it somehow turns out that you have copied almost the entire written piece. Of course, you are given the written assignment also to think. So just relying on one source to accomplish your entire assignment can somehow be un-academic. What is worse is when you copied a lot from a source without giving credit. This becomes a serious case of plagiarism. So while doing your home work, it is best to try to think what you will write and not just copy from your source.

Copying Information Form Various Sources Without Giving Credits to Each

Another way how plagiarism can occur is when you copy information from various sources without giving credits to these sources. Some people call this mosaic plagiarism of patchwork plagiarism because this is committed by interweaving similar and coherent ideas coming from different sources so that a person can create an entire written piece as if they were the ones who wrote it. This isalso a serious case of plagiarism that should be avoided at all time if you do not want to experience the also serious punishments for committing it.

Falsification of Information About a Source

There are people who try to avoid committing plagiarism by still copying information from certain sources but falsifying the information about these sources. For instance, a person may copy an entire paragraph from a source then gives incorrect information about the name, publisher, or date published of that source. This is also considered as plagiarism. On the other hand, falsification of information about a source can also happen when a person accidentally provides the wrong though. Although it is not intentional, it is also considered as plagiarism and the person who did it can receive the exact same punishments like he or she has committed plagiarism. So always make sure to check if you have provided the correct references or citations in your paper. Otherwise, you will get punished for committing plagiarism.

To sum it up, it really is difficult to create a written piece that is one hundred percent original especially if you really need to borrow information from other sources. However, with practice, you will surely be able to master the skills that will help you avoid plagiarism. In addition, you can also make use of a special tool called the content plagiarism checker. This tool will help you detect plagiarism and therefore be able to know when to avoid it.