What You Should Consider Before Going for a Facelift

On searching Internet you will find numerous stories of successful facelift surgeries. Facelift is not a new concept though it is regarded as the best possible solution of erasing signs of aging. With this you can remove wrinkles, tighten sagging skin and you can have a young and fresh face too.

The doctors urge you to consider this surgery when you find it difficult to identify yourself. Yes, if you stand in front of the mirror and gasp in surprise at the person staring back at you and if you think where is that youthful me, you should consider making some changes. Usually from the sagging skin and puffy eyes, come the inferiority complex. Along with that comes the depression. Therefore, before the extreme hits, you should make some calculative changes.

If you are healthy, you should not have much problem in acquiring this surgery. However, this is the first consideration you should make. Ask yourself are you healthy enough to withstand the intensity of the surgery? Your surgeon will be the right person to tell you that. As a patient, you should not hide anything from the doctor who will perform the surgery on you.

It is important to talk about any medication that you are consuming. Also, it is important to talk about any healthy issue which might cause a problem during the surgery. Nothing is too small or too trivial. Talk to your doctors. If you go through Sono Bello reviews you will find that the doctors make it a point to sit with each patient and go through a long process of discussion.

The next thing to consider is the duration of the surgery. How long will the surgery take? It usually takes about 3 hours for a surgery to last. Mini facelift does not take more than 1.5 hours though. In case other processes are required additional time might be required.

Recovery after the surgery is also an important fact. How long will this take? In normal cases, it takes around two weeks for a patient to recover. However, sometimes swelling around the operated area lingers beyond the 14 days period. For full recovery you might require about 6 weeks.

Before you go for a facelift, you need to find out whether you are a good candidate for the surgery. Those with sunburned skin might not be suitable for this surgery. Skin texture, scarring history and health issues are taken into account when performing this surgery.

Those who are planning to go for a weight loss program, are advised to opt for the surgery after losing weight. The reason, you might experience looseness in the skin area again after the surgery if you lose more than 10 pound. Additionally, you cannot gain a lot of weight after the surgery. This is the reason, patients are told to maintain significant weight.

Though facelift offers a range of benefits, people usually opt for other non-surgical treatments like Botox. However, these non-surgical treatments don’t offer the long lasting benefit of facelift surgery. Sono Bello reviews say that the firm offers different beauty treatments including facelift.