Where in the world did Gold come from?

Scientists sand physicist alike are in agreement over the fact that aurum (gold) was the direct result of a neutron rich explosion that took place in deep space light years away eons ago between neutron rich stars. This catalytic explosion sent gold debris hurtling into space resulting in the heavy element being distributed across the galaxies.

Eventually based on other scientific measures from various academic factions most of the gold that was on earth during the early stages of Earth’s formation sunk to the core of the planet along with most other heavy elements. Thus, it is believed that there is a huge quantity of gold buried deep in the vaults of the planet Earth. According to them, the entire process had practically swallowed up a huge quantity of the planet’s most valuable elements which include gold, silver, platinum, copper and iron.

The reports produced by them indicate that there are sufficient amounts of gold and silver in the earth’s core to cover the planet’s surface completely with a four meter thick layer coat made off pure silver and gold. However there are in existence entirely different academic perspectives about how gold ‘arrived’ on our planet. These factions believe that it happened much later through cosmic bombardment whilst the planet was still undergoing the hardening process as it cooled and gold being heavier than most other elements naturally sunk and that gold that has been found on our planet’s surface arrived later when the planet was already ‘hard’.

In examining both hypothetical situations it becomes evident that the second version would explain the nature of the placement of gold and as to why gold is found in shallow river beds, mountains sides and deep rooted mines due to the very fact of gold arriving on Earth through meteor bombardment or rather “gold rock showers” arrived at different stages of the hardening process that the planet was undergoing. It also would mean that more than ten thousand years ago gold was everywhere to be found.

Its soft, shiny nature would have caught the attention of Neanderthals who toyed with it and made décor items out of them as a pastime. This pastime eventually led to gold becoming harder to obtain as our ancestors were mostly nomads traveling from place to place not only harvesting the land but also harvesting the gold they ‘collected’ as they moved along.

Regardless of how gold arrived on planet earth, the fact is that among all the elements, it is among the rarest and obviously the most beautiful and hence acquired its tangible intrinsic value. As each year passes, gold becomes scarcer and relative to money, more money is needed every year for us to own gold.

This creates another question, what drives humans to obtain gold via gold bullion and gold jewellery? Well the answer is rather simple, precious metals such as gold and silver are precious because they are rare and therefore have ‘store value’ making them the perfect candidate to take on the role of money.

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