Which Games Can Be Played For Jr. High Ministry In The Fall Season?

The days have come and fall has already been started. This is the time when all would like to explore light of the Sun and like to walk under an open sky. It is always necessary for churches to carry out activities which can develop an interest with Jr. High Ministry. If their interest level would decrease, there is a chance that they will start finding reasons not to come regularly. So in this fall season, you can create their interest by giving them options of playing a sports game. There were Olympics in last summer and many sports are running these days so they will love to play.

There are many sports which you can play in the fall season. Sports are equally important in life. You can link them with life lessons. Team spirit, Leading the team, healthy and stay fit, motivation, how to deal with a win and how to deal with losing, etc. are many things they can learn from sports.

  1. Volleyball: If you are having open space in the surrounding area, you just need one volleyball and your Jr. High Ministry children will enjoy bumping under the shadow of the trees. You can also find the net and ask them to play across.
  2. Football: If the juniors are having an interest in running around, you should try to give them the football. It will make them run in open space area. Make some identity of the goal post and you will see how they enjoy scoring goals!
  3. Cross country: For this, you have to have the open ground as it cannot be played in premises of worship. Try to find an open area and take them all to that place with proper care. You should ask for the help of some volunteers to help you for Jr. High Ministry.
  4. Treasure hunt: This can become a very good activity, which can show them bonding and some information regarding the God. You can make clues and places which can pass information of the God. You can form three or four teams or may be more. Your juniors will get the clues and from those links, they will explore next clues. You can create clues like their interest in the God would have a new identity.
  5. Indoor games: You can identify some activities from indoor games, which can give them exposure to express their feelings and their creativity. You can give them a task to identify some specific leaves from the fall season and make some creative crafts.

There are many more options, which can be done for the junior groups. The main aspect here is their interest level in such activity should be there. You should not pass your interest for them. Ask them what they want to do and follow that. It will give them more pleasure. For more fruitful results, you can even announce some small prizes for the winners. Prizes can always give them the boost to do activities properly. Motivation and encouragement are the most important in this age.